• first stratfor cybervictim : ICANN staffer markovski

    This is his official profile


    this is what he tells Stratfor

    "Veni Markovski (Bulgaria's richest man, head of ICAAN & advisor to the US
    and EU on cyber stuff) is a pal of mine and wants to chat with Stratfor's
    person/people on cyber security. He's super low maintenance and friendly.
    Think he just wants to open diolague for y'all to be able to ask questions
    to him (he's a big Strat-fan). Who would like to speak with him? I can set
    it up so two people conference with him on the phone. Or if Nate has time,
    Veni does hold a house in DC.
    Let me know!
    Lauren Goodrich
    Director of Analysis
    Senior Eurasia Analyst

    So ICANN advisors are also advisors to governments and have vested commercial investments themselves and are fan of organisations like stratfor - who know shit about cyberrights and couldn't care less about cyberrights

    and if you read the mails about wikileaks and Anonymous than you really that they don't understand anything about it

    Anonymous is a platform, you overpaid, selfindulgent, 'analysts' who couldn't see the difference between facts and interpretations, between news and trends and between actions and platforms or movements

    when I compare the stratfor emails with the diplomatic cables than I am quite proud of the public servants working in the state department because this is analysis and when you read those mails from this privatized CIA you hope they will engage more public officials in the CIA which are a lot better and open minded and objective than these 'analysts'

    because a real analyst doesn't write things like this

    Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist.
    He'll be eating cat food forever, unless George Soros hires him.

    close that shop down - it is illegal in every aspect of it (paying sources, setting up a private insider trading fund, getting access to confidential information a private person shouldn't see,.....)