the full list of new domainextensions that are proposed for 2012

the list is that extensive because nobody knows when the next round will come - so if you didn't ask it, it may be 5 years before the next round will come around - so ready or not - you just ask

also there is the first come first get rule, if you didn't ask it, maybe somebody else will claim it or will have better rights to get it the next time around because he already asked for it

secondly many of those may be used for purely internal DNS reasons (international companies, governmental networks) to make it easier in these times of clouds and extended networks and mobile workers to organise all your installations, networks and sites into one network

but there are many new extensions that I like because you could use them for international companies - even as an internal DNS or network

For belgium one should look out for

BRUSSELS - Ghent - Vlaanderen

.wal(lonia) will be the only Belgian region without its own domainextension (internal or internet) but they find it too expensive and say that there brand is

how many people will type in those long other Belgian domainnames is another matter except if you make an urlshorterner service  otherwise imagina     vb

ik stel voor dat we de volgende domeinnamen al blokkeren   (en dat zijn er nog deftige .....)

anders is je domeinextensie in drie minuten een boemerang

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