Anonymous Belgium : Accor Metal hack investigation accelerates

news has leaked out that the Federal Computer Crime Unit has visited the homes of three suspects of the hack in the Accor Metal website in Luxembourg (not far from Belgium and has close ties with Belgium, so working together will have been easy). They have confiscated computermaterial (but if they have read any Anon_guides there wouldn't have been anything on them by now - or ever ?). It is for the moment unclear if they are under indictment. 

the hack itself wasn't that spectacular also, a webpage with Anonymous and some internal files but where nothing secret or earthshocking was in or something with which you could do some social engineering

it will cost them a lot of money though - why do you think that I stay so far away from anything that has anything to do with hacking or pure illegal activities

* our national cybercrime law is one of the more general and strict around

* the fccu doesn't have enough manpower and material but they work as hell and surprisingly they very often have good results (in their eyes) especially when it is by Belgians against Belgian targets (never attack your home country from your home country even with proxies)

* we are a small country so there is much less data to shift trough, less people and groups to observe and so on

and after all, it is not worth it, personally nor for the movement

the movement, that is indignados, that is also occupy, that is lobbying against Acta, that is helping other organisations get more limelight by giving them a platform, that is thinking about privacy and personal rights in our digital society and changing laws and making them be implemented

hacking, defacing and dumping logins is lolz for kids and retarded that have some WOW factor for some time, but after a time don't bring anything new to the movement and surely not to the goals and have become just a distraction in a game in which you in fact don't know who is manipulating who with which purpose

so, no you are no victims, no heroes, no martyrs for the cause

you knew the risks, you knew the non-existent political or other positive results from such an attack and still you chose to play the game for the lulz, for the exitement.

you are lost. you are over. you are out.

I hope you are still young and the judge may take that in consideration and give you another chance to do something that really changes the way things are going (the wrong way)

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