interim hack : Belgian Privacycommission can't do a thing but the victims can ask compensation

so the SIS, RRN, address, email with password and a negative evaluation were stolen from interim office Agon

the hacker only placed three profiles online, said he had 9900 others but since than has more or less disappaered from Twitter, probably feeling the heat and realising that if he released them, he would be a prime target for the cyberpolice (who take their time but are in fact very effective in the end)

there is at the other hand no report by an independent organisation that certifies that no other data was lost or compromised - so whatever anyone says

the site is still in the same state as we have described it after the hack

now the privacycommission says that they can't do a thing, they can't impose a fine but if the three people mentioned in the leak would file a complaint because there would be unsufficient security and because they didn't respect the recommendations by the Privacycommission, they would negotiate a compensation.

that will make every hoster of confidential data in Belgium very afraid .......

now they will really respect you:)

the tendency elsewhere in Europe and the world is just the opposite and this is why the European Commission will have to impose stricter rules

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