bigger than syrialeaks : the total bust of intelligence firm Innodata

Innodata Corporation with unscrewd ass was examined for possible rectum leak.
Much of it was drained from Information Analyst Company - an intell arm of
Innodata operated from PH. Having poked into Innodata branches worldwide we found
very funky business of Innodata Derwent messin round with da Russian FSB and Ukrainian
politician by name Yatsenuk and Iraqi minister Shafeeq. Thers also about 3Gb of Vietnam Atom raw files
analyzed and processed by Innodata.
Good read though, Russian Software company Vocord Telecom entrusted Innodata with it's innovative patented technology
and was focked by Derwent Patent bureau, who sold it to Ukrainians in exchange for Russian FSB
marine satalite interception. Seems that it's just the tip of the iceberg. We only started.
Descripschon - This is only Philipinez Innodata branch delivered.
Total raw data archive of 10.2 GB
Total organized and checked stuff is over 40GB
We will deliver as soon as new archives uploaded, updates will follow.
Stuff provided RAW from Innodata incom servers.
So far will be 8 consequitive releases from every single Innodata brach we PAWNED.
Including personal communication of Top Management of Thomson-Reuters who we want to talk to first before releasing some of the nasty shit.
Vocord telecom software source codes will also be released as collateral damage so sorry fellaz but
you have to keep ya shit with ya and not being an outsource junkie waiting for a fix =) haha
Regardz to Team Viewer mentaly retarded coderz -  After we done with Innodate we will present your source codes
to the community, until than we will exploit more idiots who use your software within the corporate world.
High Five to Ukrainian organized crime politician Arseny Yatsenuk and his FSB friends!
Vocord Telecom source codes split into portions so be patient.
Our respect to all Anonymous movement, Lulz, Antisec, The Pirate Bay and my ninjas in La Tuna TX, Pollock LA. Keep them strong!
Preview of what's inside: or

And just to be safe dont forget to use sandboxie, just in case
Stay tuned, more's on its way...

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