virtual money bitcoin, very anonymous and very amateuristic so a heaven for hackers

The founder of the largest U.S.-based BitCoin exchange has suspended operations after attackers broke into a server and stole $250,000 worth of the virtual currency.

BitFloor founder Roman Shtylman announced yesterday that he had halted operations while evaluating future steps following the breach that amounted to some 24,000 stolen Bitcoins, which amounted to the vast majority of coins BitFloor had on hand. The heist happened while Shtylman was doing a backup that left a copy of wallet keys in an unencrypted area of the server's hard drive.

"Due to the serious nature of what has happened I am currently evaluating options for BitFloor," he wrote in a BitFloor Forum on Tuesday. "One of the last things I want to happen is for BitFloor to shutdown and cause more panic in the bitcoin community. The platform itself is very valuable and provides an important and friendly service to many users."

So the person responsable for the platform does also the backups himself and so does it as best as he does (and what else does he himself ?).

It may be a friendly and convenient service and interface but that doesn't mean a thing, you car may look like the most beautiful one ever shown if the brakes don't work you can't ride with it.

Professional bankers won't do anonymous money for the masses, they only do it for those who have the money to pay them for losing their conscience totally. At the other side if Bitcoin is to survive it needs professional services with professional programmers and defenders and that will come at  price for its users but nothing in the world is free - except amateurism with all its risks.

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