new term : bitsquatting (getting visitors with hardware problems)

Bitsquatting refers to the registration of a domain names one bit different than a popular domain. The name comes from typosquatting: the act of registering domain names one key press different than a popular domain. Bitsquatting frequently resolved domain names makes it possible to exploit computer hardware errors via DNS

so when the hardware has these hardware memory problems with some bytes, than the site doesn't arrive at for example but and if that site is infected or whatever than the user can be attacked, spoofed or whatever

on a few billion machines connected to the internet you may be sure that for all the highlevel domainnames it stays a good business to take all the nearby domainnames, even when people type the right domainnames

this changes also the whole discussion about the registration of such domainnames because if these domainnames would be so easily abused without any knowledge or interference from the user, than those users need to be protected or alerted (especially if these domainnames are known to be attack, spoof or advertising-spam sites). The user should still have the possibility to correct this (even if he won't understand why he arrived there and even if it is not that easy to correct this corrupted memorycache problem)

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