Anonymous at its best : Ohio, Steubenville the now uncovered coverup of a gangrape

Imagine you are a girl of 16 in a small town in Ohio and you are invited by friends to have a party out at the end of the school year and you get into a car with the most famous footballplayers of the town, have a drink and remember nothing afterwards. Only to discover and remember some time later that you were raped by several guys several times at several places (brought along as a shot deer). When your parents want to complain to the local sherif he thinks there is not so much to it at the time and the woman responsable for investigating the thing doesn't want them to put in a real complaint and says that she will handle it (as her son is one of the persons that standed by and did nothing, took pictures or participated). And as the local footballcoach, the rape crew of the football team and their parents and friends seem to be very cozy and open and confident about it, who would come to your rescue ?

Anonymous did

and thanks to Anonymous the local and national and international press did

and thanks to Anonymous information was hacked (which is illegal) so it could not be destroyed (which would also be illegal but would have made the case more difficult) and information and leaks were published and put together in a story that is now in the US making headlines because they have found and published a video in which one of the rapist on video (and very drunk) talks about that night

the more you read those stories the more you think that those bastards without any consideration for these girls deserve no better than to have Anonymous deal with them (not because what we think they are but because they show in the video and the comments in social media what they really are)

and now that will be there for the rest of their lives and I hope they will have daughters later in their live who will ask them 'why daddy why  I don't want to speak to you anymore'

and girls - don't take drinks from strangers or friends you can't trust, bring and open your own bottles and if you want to be very very drunk do it with a real girlfriend that will continue to look after you however drunk you are (and next time she may be very drunk and you stay sober)


maybe not everything is true but gives their account and version

so also read

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