liberate the court documents

You see, even though every American has a constitutional right to access the records of our courts, and the government has them online, they charge you for access unless you physically go to the court in which the case is being tried (in this case the federal courthouse in Boston).


The justification for locking those records behind a government paywall is that the $77 million in fees are needed to fund the system, called Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER).


But the money collected far exceeds to costs of running the system, and has, according to California Watch, been used as a slush fund to pay for a hodgepodge of other expenses.


Why the digression? Swartz himself downloaded and published 20 million of those court documents — documents which it is every American’s constitutional right to see. In return he was the target of an FBI investigation (that did not lead to any criminal charges).

yep, everything that is public in paper should be public in digital form and free as the paper version you can see

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