assange and manning were not linked and wikileaks case in the US is falling to pieces

U.S. investigators have been unable to uncover evidence that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange induced an Army private to leak government documents to his website, according to officials familiar with the matter.


New findings suggest Pfc. Bradley Manning, the intelligence analyst accused of handing over the data to the WikiLeaks website, initiated the theft himself, officials said. That contrasts with the initial portrait provided by Defense Department officials of a young man taken advantage of by Mr. Assange.



Further denting the push by some government officials to prosecute Mr. Assange, the probes have found little to link the two men, though others affiliated with WikiLeaks have been tied to Pfc. Manning, officials said.

there is still the rape case in Sweden but they still have to make a case that is rape (even if Assange has been stupid, but how many (even wise) men aren't stupid when it comes to sex ?)

but it proves what wikileaks was and why bringing down wikileaks was so important that they have crossed all the (international) borders of the law and have done everything they thought was in their power (except for bombing the servers) to try to bring it down (and all the peopel affliated with it - who mostly now have left the ship because the dangers for their careers, income and normality of life became too high).

wikileaks was inspiring people around the world in industry, military, intelligence, government to leak data to which they had direct access and that weren't enough secure to be sure that if they copied it (securitybreach one) they could transfer it outside the walls (securitybreach two) let it be read by someone else (securitybreach three) and let it be copied by someone else (securitybreach four) which means in fact that once outside the walls the information was free to read and copy and download and send (without a timebomb that would destruct the data after date x or when it was read x times for example) or hidden trackers.

after those two years one can also say that the leaking alternatives are most of the time not working and are not having the same impact wikileaks were having and one can say that the journalists are not using that much material which is being  uploaded to wikileaks or is still present there (instead concentrating on the news concentrating on the case against wikileaks and the superego Assange (working for the Russian propagandamachine with his news show).

if there is one advantage of the case for the dissidents it is that the whole affairs showed some dangers that new platforms and initiatives can take into consideration. It is the ITaspect of being sure that no servers with information can be locked out by one mad administrator. It is the time aspect that the longer information is behind the confirmation process it loses very fast its interest and worth and impact. It is the verificationprocess which is too long and complicated and not trustworthy. It is the aspect of working together with some newsorganisations that afterwards put a knife in your back or just profit and than dump you. It is the aspect that mirrors have to be everywhere around the world. It is the aspect that the finance of the infrastructure should be better managed so that this platform can use the P2P infrastructures that already exist and can be incorporated into webservices around the world.

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