the last meal of swartz with his girlfriend before hanging himself

Aaron Swartz,

a very interesting article about a hero who became K in kafka's trial and couldn't take it anymore

oh if you step into a computer room to copy data directly from servers you should know there are camera's in there and you should take that into account

Aaron Swartz was caught soon afterwards this video was recorded on January 6th 2011 with a laptop and a hard drive that contained secured and lucrative academic journals that had been hacked

because this was too late

Aaron Swartz covers his face with his bicycle helmet as he enters a small electrical closet at the MIT to retrieve his computer hardware

for securitypeople there is one thing that links Manning and swartz

they both got the information directly from the servers

how is that about securing your servers, their data and making different zones in which you only see what you have to see (even if you are god or administrator on the machine, this doesn't mean you have to see the data on the machine, which is the same for applications and databases)

For example Oracle has a whole string of securityapplicants and functions that can isolate and log all those things. Both cases wouldn't have been possible if it were secured Oracle databases.

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