UK undercover police infiltrators in court for using sex as a method

The women say they were victims of officers who infiltrated groups of political activists.


The High Court ruling means evidence relating to the management of Mark Kennedy, exposed in 2011, is less likely to become public.


The women want damages for emotional, psychiatric and financial losses.


A total of 11 women and one man have announced their intention to sue over the activities of five former undercover officers.


The most well-known former officer, Mark Kennedy, infiltrated environmental groups. His involvement with one group led to the collapse of a trial of protesters who had been accused of plotting to shut down a coal-fired power station. The officer switched sides, offering to appear for the defence.

If the case is dealt with by the IPT they will be denied access to justice and may never discover why they were thus violated by the state”


As well as Mr Kennedy, the officers include Mark Jacobs, who infiltrated a group of Welsh anarchist

this to make them vulnerable, to get more information, to gain confidence and so on

typical for spies but for police officers, even investigators ?

maybe they should employ whores next time

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