the copyrighted files search machine on mega for pirates and cops and mega

In fact if you look at the site and you go through the files you will see that most of the files are gone before the day is over

which means that

or mega is indexing the files that appear on this searchmachine and is checking automatically if there is a high probability that they are copyrighted or not (for example a file with the name of a film uploaded on a folder that is not owned by the producer of the film is for 99% copyrighted)

or mega has already its own search machine in place (like has for books for example) and eliminates automatically these files

or the copyright cops are watching this search machine or others indexes and are sending complaints through a more or less automated process that is being followed up more or less automatically and executed very fast

which means that the complaint in the US against mega for some copyrighted files on her systems is a non-issue (and in the worst case is legal harrassment and nothing else) because all hosters work on this system (even youtube eliminates hundreds of videos each week this way) because the proof is here for all to see that these complaints are being followed up actively

the copyrightholders should also thank mega because each file that is more or less the same (not based upon name but based upon the bits and dots of a file) has the same ID which means that if you get a complaint against one copy, all other copies will also disappear. I imagine that their lawyers won't be too happy but the cost of applying their copyrights is much easier. In fact you have to look for all copies of your file (for example the hobbit) that have the same number of bits and file one complaint for each of them

this means that for copyrightbreakers or pirates changing the name of the file is not sufficient to make your file survive, you should also change the number of bits of a file (for example by encrypting, hashing or zipping it or by adding other files or cutting parts of it). You can expect software to be developed quite soon (take one file of xbytes and get 5 files with a totally different number of bytes)

the best thing to do is not to use mega for public P2P but to do what people have always done throughout history, exchange personal copies for personal use knowing that in nearly all the countries of the world they will break some law with that (you should better go to the library or the secondhand shop if you can't buy the shopversion)

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