OPRRN : more services that use RRN as login (update : some are reacting already)

https://www.mtc-it2.be/DELEGE/DelegeNl.swf   as ID  pasword needed  - doctors

https://www. SERVICE HAS NOTIFIED IT WILL CORRECT THIS  as ID password needed - Vlaamse Examencommissie and also to recuperate your password but you will have to control also the emailaddress from your target and also that http://www. SERVICE HAS NOTIFIED IT WILL CORRECT THIS /index.htm  vlaanderen.be is going to a private host somewhere for its logins is dangerous (xss), legally probematic and why do you have an authentification server at vlaanderen.be ?

http://www.vdab.be/login/   paswoord or RRN   (you still need a password)  no https

https://www.emut.be/EMUT2/Authentication.aspx?fed=311&lcid=2067&netw=INTER   mutualiteit but you need a password, the login itself is something to get

http://www.g-o.be/Net_KandTijd/  no https  RRN and password  for future teachers

https://www.ebcs.be/PensionPortal/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/pensionportal/Default.aspx&bol=yes  social secretariaat RRN and password

http://www.west-vlaanderen.be/provincie/nieuws/ezines/burenbijkunstenaars/2011%20e-zine%20buren%20bij%20kunstenaars%20-%20april%202011.html  want RRN from artists to login

http://www.denderleeuw.be/nl/160/restricted/login/index.html?print=1  extranet without https - login is RRN and password needed

http://www.cursoa.be/registratie/registreer0.asp  even better, if you have the RRN of somebody you can make him a member of this - no verification

http://www.oz.be/onlinekantoor/registreren  register somebody here without verification of EID you only need an RRN  no https

https://www.euromut.be/MyEuromut/login.htm?language=nl_BE#popup_password  use of RRN (you need to know also the username and have control over the emailbox)

http://wingene.grabbis.be/login.php  make an account if you have an RRN and the name and familynameno https

http://b-rocks.be/login.php  RRN and password no https

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