unsecure online travelinsurance website from euro-assistance hacked

first you may need 100 or even a 1000 domainnames but each doesn't need to have each their specific website, you can have all these website with redirects to your homepage or to a specific page but in many cases they make a small specfiic website or some pages everytime they have a domainname

secondly when you make all these small websites that cost you not much for each of them but it amounts to a considerable sum of money if you add it all up you have also to remember that those website may have a negative impact on your reputation even if your main website is totally in order and secure

thirdly if you make a small website you have to make sure that there are no evident vulnerabilities in it like here

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it is a joomla sites with plug ins and it uses VMware

because otherwise it will be hacked

and yes your reputation is influenced because you still identify with all these seperate websites


but for all the contracts and terms you have to click on links that send you  to for example


but if this site is so hackable can't I add a form myself or change the link to a site I control ?

it is good that these sites are already on the other site, but that means nothing if the site is hackable

and by the way the forms are not secured by SSL

http://www.europ-assistance.be/nl/bestellen/s0/jaarlijks_plus_met_voertuig   as an example

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