anonymous hacks spies of Bank of America who fail at their undercover work

We have anchored at U.S. shores again to accept a consignment of a data package that probably belongs to our dear friends at Bank of America, though lots of contractors and subsidiaries (aka lackeys) are involved as usual.

It is a known fact that Bank of America is paying contractors to discredit journalist and sabotage their work as well as spying on the Occupy Movement and Anonymous ever since. It was to be expected that these efforts continue and it was also expected that their security remains - at best - lousy.

To start with, we present you about 320mb of internal reports and and emails assembled for Bank of America by a sub-contractor named TEKSystems (who in turn are a subsidiary of the Allegio Group whose founder also owns the Baltimore Ravens). These reports and emails are mostly "information" gathered on public channels on the Anonymous IRC networks and

We were geniously amused by the fact that there are actually paid analysts sitting somewhere, reading the vast amount garbage that scrolls by in large public channels like #anonops and #voxanon. Even more amusing is the keyword list that was found, containing trigger words like "Jihad" or "Homosexual".

Additionally about 6 Gigabyte of source code was looted, which is currently under assessment. We can tell so far that this software belongs to ClearForest, a company specializing on text and social network analysis. It is reasonable to assume that this code is the base system for what was used to categorize and store the acquired infoemation. We will add the complete source code once we have finshied the initial assessment.

In the meantime, amuse yourself with the incredibly sensitive and important intelligence that BofA has gathered on Anonops and Voxanon (*smirk*). Please also note that the source has provided an accompanying release statement with the data.

Here's a Bank of American Spying On People [Mega Teaser Copy]

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