some things we learn from online infections at the .be domains (

1. the most important is something that is not normal : the infection of the homepages of users of the belgian ISP's

why is this important

because the ISP's always said that they didn't need to give their customers a free included antivirus-securitypackage because they were protecting the traffic and installations with internal firewalls, antiviruses and so on..... but if this is the case why have the two biggest ISP's still viruses on their servers - if those servers have all those protections

from two things one .... or they have those protections and these aren't sufficient anymore ..... or they don't and their userpages are less protected than most other userplatforms.....

2. most of the websites that are being infected are from small enterprises and groups

this means that they or don't have the money to pay for an antivirus on the server where they are located (and the question here is why this antivirus is not an OBLIGATION and is part of the full price - if only to protect all the visitors to all the websites on that server) or they are located on a server where there is no antivirus - and the question is why someone may launch a hostingservice without an antivirus among other things (if you open a restaurant or whatever real business you also have a lot of reglementations that you have to abide to even if they cost money).

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