more than 700 connections in linkedin and they know why

* the backoffice operations are only visible to connections (these operations are not published or just afterwards but give a look behind the scenes of what happens and what is done with the information)

* in the group belsec there will be exclusive downloadlinks - some are already placed but there is more that will come

* pose exclusive direct questions with the author

* if it is not too much promotion you can forward stuff for the blog about security, intelligence, risk and if it isn't already been republished a thousand times around the web or specific Belgian, than you can get published (but there is no free in advertising)

* you have tips or information that should be dealt with and you don't want it in the hands of somebody who may ask too much questions or remember things too long ? you can use belsec as a proxy

* the 700 contacts are organized in folders and so you can have a look at the contacts in certain categories

contact to belsec on linkedin and be more in the know

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