what does the 14gig Bank of America leak mean

1. For the Bank of America the most important thing now is that the personal and financial information of thousands of internal and external people are being distributed on the internet and could be used in spearphished targeted attacks or targeted fraud. It will also have some problems with the law because what were those data about US personal of an US firm doing on a server in Israel. They should now inform everybody in these files about the leak and the kind of data that is now on the internet and what the risks are.

2. The trust internally about the privacy of the data is in question.

3. the source code of the program Onecalais is also online and the firm will have to sue somebody - to protect itself from being sued because it has lost its jewels and anybody can copy it - including the way it makes specific modules

4. It is also clear from the analysis and research that the guys walking around fearmongering about the hacktivists don't know what they are talking about and are taking their wishes for reality and creating more chaos than solutions. It is also clear that they are maybe good onlookers and watchers but that they clearly don't have the capacity

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