• why local policewebsites are a stupidity

    better one big castel with enough security and functions and oversight, than 100 small ones of which one always get hacked without you knowing the consequences

    this is the website

    this is the added page

    and this is the notification

    • Mirror saved on: 2013-02-27 03:28:21
    • Notified by: s13doeLDomain: http://www.politiezonerupel.be/z.htm
    • IP address: 
    • This is a CACHE (mirror) page of the site when it was saved by our robot on 2013-02-27 03:28:21


    so how long did they didn't see it

    what if it was something different or they added a script or trojan to one of the forms online ?

  • what is the Onecalais code that Anonymous posted and Bank of America used when it spied on Anonymous

    Our OneCalais solutions use Natural Language Processing (NLP), text analytics and data mining technologies to derive meaning from unstructured information, including news articles, blog posts, research reports and more.


    Here's how it works:


    OneCalais categorizes each piece of content using both IPTC news codes and �social tags.' (For instance, if a story compares the racing performance of Ferraris vs. Porsches, it will suggest auto racing, motorsport and sports cars.)


    It then identifies and tags the people, places, companies, facts and events in content, and returns those tags in the official W3C Semantic Web specification for metadata, Resource Description Framework (RDF).


    It also returns a unique document identifier that makes it easy to share content with others, as well as links to related assets in the Linking Open Data (LOD) cloud - a rapidly growing ecosystem of open data that includes Wikipedia, The CIA World Fact Book, GeoNames, BBC News, The New York Times and more.


    The latter aspect of OneCalais makes Thomson Reuters one of the first media companies to publish a set of data assets for public use, providing developers with open access to information on publicly traded companies, including company descriptions, stock tickers, management teams and more.

    so Anonymous took revenge and you can download it all

    if you are watching over Anonymous there is a special module to do just that (in times of business restrictions some police services will be happy to hear that)

    and if you are on the Anonymous channels and fora never forget : there are more policmen and private spies on the forums than there are real activists and some of them have been arrested and may be doing very hard their best to snitch on you because that is the only way they will have to spend lesser or no time in jail (because nobody likes jail)

    there is nothing Anonymous about Anonymous operations anymore and you will see that most of the operations aren't even discusssed online anymore or not in these forums

  • the bitcoin revolution - if they can keep it secure enough

    Bitcoin’s climb is an impressive one. Its valuation has grown over 16 times since it bottomed out at a sub-$2 valuation back in November 2011. Believers in the currency who bought it back then are patting themselves on the back right about now.


    Mainstream support for the currency is growing. Reddit recently began accepting Bitcoin for its reddit gold payment options, and domain registrar Namecheap is preparing to accept the currency. The Internet Archive is offering to pay its employees in Bitcoin and is asking for donations of the currency to help it do so. Kim Dotcom’s new Mega service and WordPress.com also accept Bitcoin.


    We took a long look at Bitcoin’s prospects last September and concluded that it was here to stay, despite some price instability.

    as long as it is and stays secure - the platforms and that people can't lose their bitcoins because trojans steal it (some are looking for bitcoins in the pc and replace them in another account)

  • new zeroday attacks with PDF's also in Belgium - block these things and look at your infected posts

    The MD5s for the documents used in this attack are:
    3668b018b4bb080d1875aee346e3650a action_plan.pdf (Country: Belgium)
    88292d7181514fda5390292d73da28d4 ASEM_seminar.pdf (Country: Hungary)
    3f301758aa3d5d123a9ddbad1890853b EUAG_report.pdf (Country: Luxembourg)
    0cdf55626e56ffbf1b198beb4f6ed559 report.pdf (Country: Spain)
    cf5a5239ada9b43592757c0d7bf66169 EUAG_report.pdf (Country: Belgium)
    c03bcb0cde62b3f45b4d772ab635e2b0 The 2013 Armenian Economic Association.pdf (Country: Belgium)

    Block traffic to the following domains:
    ○ arabooks.ch
    ○ artas.org
    ○ tsoftonline.com
    ○ www.eamtm.com
    ○ news.grouptumbler.com
    ● Block traffic to the following IPs:

    The JavaScript exploit code has been modified since the original attack. For instance, the function named “oTHERWISE” was renamed to “q1w2e3r4t”. The function is later called in the code like this:
    New exploit:
    var sCIENZA = q1w2e3r4t(vOLENCI[sHOGG('ODNEDNERp',3329,7937)], gIRARSI);

    source Kaspersky

    this means that if you have closed down javascript in PDF documents the exploit does NOT work


    just reading and printing that is all (even no links or anything else - no dynamic external content)

  • what does the 14gig Bank of America leak mean

    1. For the Bank of America the most important thing now is that the personal and financial information of thousands of internal and external people are being distributed on the internet and could be used in spearphished targeted attacks or targeted fraud. It will also have some problems with the law because what were those data about US personal of an US firm doing on a server in Israel. They should now inform everybody in these files about the leak and the kind of data that is now on the internet and what the risks are.

    2. The trust internally about the privacy of the data is in question.

    3. the source code of the program Onecalais is also online and the firm will have to sue somebody - to protect itself from being sued because it has lost its jewels and anybody can copy it - including the way it makes specific modules

    4. It is also clear from the analysis and research that the guys walking around fearmongering about the hacktivists don't know what they are talking about and are taking their wishes for reality and creating more chaos than solutions. It is also clear that they are maybe good onlookers and watchers but that they clearly don't have the capacity

  • Biggest leak (14 giga) of internal code and documents from Bank of America

    Potentially Alarming Research:
    Anonymous Intelligence Agency
    http://par-anoia.ne t
    PRESS RELEASE 02/27/2013
    Par:AnoIA has released a total of 14 Gigabyte data, code and software that is related to
    Bank of America, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, TEKSystems (http://teksystems.com) and
    ClearForest (http://clearforest.com). You can find all details about the release and the data
    at the following address: http://par-anoia.net/releases2013#bofa
    We consider this release noteworthy for several reasons:
    • It contains detailed data about hundred of thousands of executives and employees
    from various corporations around the world, including salary information.
    • It shows that Bank of America and others are contracting other companies to spy
    and collect information on private citizens.
    • The overall quality of the research is poor and potentially false.
    • The collected data was stored insecurely and could have been retrieved by anyone.
    Especially the last point is critical. The source of this release has confirmed that the data
    was not acquired by a hack but because it was stored on a misconfigured server and
    basically open for grabs. Even more alarming, the data was retrieved from an Israeli server
    in Tel Aviv – while ClearForest is based in Tel Aviv it remains unclear why this huge
    amount of data was stored insecurely on an open server.
    Looking at the data it becomes clear that Bank of America, TEKSystems and others (see
    origins of reports) gathered information on Anonymous and other activists' movement on
    various social media platforms and public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels.
    The data clearly shows that the research was sloppy, random and valueless. Apparently a
    keyword list1 was used to match for items of interest on IRC, Twitter and other social
    media. While the list has over 10.000 entries only 1125 keywords seem to be genuine, the
    rest are simply Wikipedia references.
    Along with this data we also received a full version of ClearForest's text analyzing software
    OneCalais – the software was stored on the same server and as openly accessible as the
    data. Additionally we found source code that seems to be a specific version or module of
    the software for Bank of America (going by the naming convention). The code has not
    been analyzed so far but is open to anyone interested for assessment and analysis.
    As an unexpected bonus 4.8 Gigabyte of data containing detailed career and salary
    information of hundred of thousands of executives and employees from various
    corporations all around the world was found on the same server. The folder was named
    Bloomberg which could indicate that this data belongs to Bloomberg L.P. On the otherhand
    the entries are tagged with “reuterscompanycontent” which would point to Thomson Reuters.
    In any case: What it was doing on the Israeli server is up to anyone's guess.
    This incident shows how irresponsible companies handle the data of more than dubious
    projects. Even more alarmingly, the findings indicate that corporations like Bank of America
    are funding these operations. We release the received files in full to raise awareness to
    this issue and to send a signal to corporations and Governments that this is unacceptable.
    URL Shortlist:
    • Main release site: http://par-anoia.net/releases2013 . htm l #bofa
    • Main file directory: http://par-anoia.net/assessment/us/bofa/
    • OneCalais software: http://par-anoia.net/assessment/us/bofa/OneCalais
    • Bank of America source code: http://par-anoia.net/assessment / us/bofa/lior /
    • Executive/Employee data: http://par-anoia.net/assessment / us/bofa / o fficers . zip
    If you have any further questions you can contact us at submissions@par-anoia . se or via
    our webchat at http://irc.lc/voxanon/paranoia/pressr@@
    1 http://par-anoia.net/assessment/us/bofa/keywords.tx t

  • more than 700 connections in linkedin and they know why

    * the backoffice operations are only visible to connections (these operations are not published or just afterwards but give a look behind the scenes of what happens and what is done with the information)

    * in the group belsec there will be exclusive downloadlinks - some are already placed but there is more that will come

    * pose exclusive direct questions with the author

    * if it is not too much promotion you can forward stuff for the blog about security, intelligence, risk and if it isn't already been republished a thousand times around the web or specific Belgian, than you can get published (but there is no free in advertising)

    * you have tips or information that should be dealt with and you don't want it in the hands of somebody who may ask too much questions or remember things too long ? you can use belsec as a proxy

    * the 700 contacts are organized in folders and so you can have a look at the contacts in certain categories

    contact to belsec on linkedin and be more in the know

  • private CIA stratfor 4 million unpublished emails being published and an email that shows why they were a spying firm

    With spying we mean that you want to get information without divulging who you really are, what you will do with that information and who you will share it with and what will be the consequenc if you give them that information.

    Analysis is when you go through all the public information and link it to the 'intelligence' and try to make some sense out of it

    Stratfor was maybe doing both but they were definitively doing some spying (they call their contacts sources and some were even paid).

    THis is an example of how they work

    "Stratfor’s Colby Martin posed as fake journalist in Oaxaca, Mexico

     According to a recently-released email from The Global Intelligence Files – the more than five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor that have been drip-fed from WikiLeaks since February 27th, 2012 – a former intelligence analyst named Colby Martin posed as a journalist during unrest on Oaxaca, Mexico, in late 2006.

    Writing with regard to the security situation in Oaxaca in an email dated October 21, 2011, the former Stratfor employee said that he was “in Oaxaca in November/December 2006 for the riots/protests after an American blogger was shot and killed in October. It was big time crazy, but the military came in and camped out in the center square and squashed it quick.”

    He is referencing the death of freelance journalist Brad Will, and clearly had no compunction using journalism as a cover for his own purposes –

    “I did have some anti-gringo sentiment during the riots,” writes Martin, “mainly because we were out in front of the entire thing with video cameras and fake press passes and the police didn't like the fact we were there. They reminded us an American had been shot, I reminded him he was on camera.”

    It should be noted that in late 2006 Mr. Martin was not an employee of Stratfor – he was instead a Project Manager for American Conservation Experience in Flagstaff, Arizona. It is unknown if Mr. Martin was doing freelance intelligence work in Oaxaca; his email clearly indicates he was with others, and that the journalist ruse was used to good effect to capture video of the protests, but there is no indication as to whom the video was for.

    Mr. Martin left Stratfor in August, 2012, and has been self-employed since May, 2011 as a “Business Analyst Consultant – Due Diligence/Competitive Intelligence Research” in China. This apparently involves “due diligence research and analysis for diverse client needs in both domestic and international markets; including investments, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.” He has also worked as an “Intelligence Blogger” at VagabondFM Blog.

    To see the original Wikileaks file, released on February 13, 2013, go here:

    Source: http://www.lapoliticaeslapolitica.com/2013/02/stratfors-colby-martin-posed-as-fake.html

    hundreds of thousands emails are sometimes published in bulk, sometimes it is just a few a day. They seemed also to have taken much interest in the Dexia case although not much has been published since.

    you can follow it here

    http://www.wikileaks-forum.com/index.php/board,161.0.html  for the specific stratfor mails

    If some-one from stratfor is asking you questions or inviting you to something or trying to get invited to a conference or trying to 'source' you, don't feel appreciated, be afraid of being used.

    If you have something to tell that is important tell it a politician, a journalist or post it in a leak environment but Stratfor won't and can't help you.

  • these domainregistrars are responsable for most of the fake pharmacy domains

    1. ABSystems, dba yournamemonkey.com 

    2. Moniker

    3. Momentous Group/Rebel.com

    4. Joker.com

    5. Cloud Group Limited

    6. TodayNIC

    7. Tucows/OpenSRS

    8. BizCN dba cnobin.com

    9. DNC Holdings/DirectNIC

    10. WebNIC.cc

    ithe first one is responsable for more than half of them - concentrating on this one will have a great ROI

  • I love sourcefire (and would like to RENT this applicance)

    The new Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Appliance from Columbia, Maryland-based Sourcefire is built on the company’s FirePOWER platform and provides increased deployment flexibility for organizations needing immediate protection against advanced malware, Sourcefire said.


    The appliance is deployed inline, and provides malware detection and blocking, as well as continuous file analysis and "retrospective security". By creating forensic fingerprints of files to identify known malware, the solution tracks file movement across the enterprise and helps identify attack targets for more efficient remediation, the company explained. As a result, users can be alerted of potentially malicious files that may have entered their environment, even if they were previously classified as a non-threat.


    "Networks are constantly evolving and expanding and attackers are taking advantage of any gaps to permeate a network and accomplish their mission," said Martin Roesch, Sourcefire founder and interim CEO. "Thwarting attacks isn't just about blocking but also about using retrospective security to mitigate the impact once an attacker gets in. Sourcefire's threat-centric approach to security gives organizations continuous visibility, analysis and control across their environment and along the full attack continuum -- before, during and after an attack."

    but if you have geeks or people who know how to set up the opensource version, you should - if you could at least test your networktraffic with (which doesn't mean that everything that will be stopped will be malware, you will see a lot of malconfiguration and other things)


    sourcefire is for business who are too big for snort (or where you want to check everything with snort and not only a versy specific traffic to a versy specific part of your network)

    renting it would be a solution as a checkup with all the signatures out there in the community in which it would run from time to time (on all the network or on specific parts of it) and you would let it run a few weeks after which you can start the cleanup (first just observing, than investigation and intervening if necessary)

    depending on one is sometimes a bit dangerous and here you have an enormous community of millions of users

    I don't say I have, I am just saying I love sourcefire as a concept (or snort) and it has always been my whish to use it and if anybody is looking for second opinions about traffic - this is a good guest - and if a firm would rent it out for a few weeks to doublecheck - this is not a bad idea (having secondary checks beginning with a clean sheet)

  • some things we learn from online infections at the .be domains (scumware.org)

    1. the most important is something that is not normal : the infection of the homepages of users of the belgian ISP's

    why is this important

    because the ISP's always said that they didn't need to give their customers a free included antivirus-securitypackage because they were protecting the traffic and installations with internal firewalls, antiviruses and so on..... but if this is the case why have the two biggest ISP's still viruses on their servers - if those servers have all those protections

    from two things one .... or they have those protections and these aren't sufficient anymore ..... or they don't and their userpages are less protected than most other userplatforms.....

    2. most of the websites that are being infected are from small enterprises and groups

    this means that they or don't have the money to pay for an antivirus on the server where they are located (and the question here is why this antivirus is not an OBLIGATION and is part of the full price - if only to protect all the visitors to all the websites on that server) or they are located on a server where there is no antivirus - and the question is why someone may launch a hostingservice without an antivirus among other things (if you open a restaurant or whatever real business you also have a lot of reglementations that you have to abide to even if they cost money).

  • some infected Belgian website for today from scumware.org

    * Golf du Hainaut  www.rgch.be/  Le Golf · Le Royal Golf Club du Hainaut · Découvrir le golf au
    2013-02-26 04:17:03 http://www.rgch.be/ BE Virus found HTML/Framer
    * Game Out indoor paintball & lasergame Antwerpen www.gameout.be/Algemene
    2013-02-26 06:26:08 http://www.gameout.be/paintball.html BE  Troj/JSRedir-JT
    * www.hetbegijntje.be/  't Begijntje. Gelegen in het historisch hof der Begijntjes van Sint-Truiden
    2013-02-26 01:09:14    http://hetbegijntje.be    BE    Trojan.JS.Redirector.xb
     * webpage for users Scarlet
    2013-02-26 02:51:25    http://home.scarlet.be/~cwitters/links/international/europe.htm    BE    Win32/Nimda worm
     * Warmtepomp | Warmtepompen Geoservices bvba  www.geoservices.be/
    2013-02-25 21:16:34    http://geoservices.be/wp-cont.htm    BE    Virus found JS/Redir

  • why telework or homework (even with video) won't work for high speed firms

    when there is nothing to change or nothing to think about and each day is more or less the same and you don't need to brainstorm to see immediately some key people to take decisions together based on a collective thought process and that need to be put into motion immediately so they will be effective a few days or weeks later, you can't have telework and mail and video won''t change this

    if a firm or administration stops or interrupts telework it is because they are changing from a day-to-day operation slowly moving enterprise to a start-up mentality where things change before your eyes and you will never know what will happen the next day because everything is being rebuilt, rethought and redone before your very eyes and that is when it is important that you can pull in meetings whenever needed

    the message from Yahoo is - we are in Restart mood and nothing will be as before - adapt or leave

    "Another ex-Yahoo, former ad tech executive Michael Katz, told us banning working from home was something Mayer "absolutely" had to do."Working from home may be convenient for some but it represents a huge opportunity cost to the team, especially a team that's trying to turn things around.""The value in human interaction is greater collective wisdom as a result of improved communication & collaboration.""It's really all about improving the likelihood that meaningful interaction will translate to meaningful (shareholder) value."

  • gartner report about firewalls

    an indication but it all depends on how you configure it and if you have one or more firewalls and how central your firewall is and if you have open or closed environments and if you take Checkpoint what are the services you activate or modules you pay for

    the one thing that is clear for me - is that much of the additonal firewalls (firms of which firewalls is not their core business) are an additional choice because their product has never got the investment and resources in the enterprise to make it a leader (also haves)


  • mobistarforbusiness.be hacked and so mobistar loses some online reputation

    online reputation management is something complicated but it is in fact simple

    if you leave your mark or domain used by amateurs who start doing this


    1. Uw partner in telecommunicatie - Mobistar For Business

      Mobistar For Business, U partner in telecommunicatie. Vraag direct uw offerte aan!

      Afspraak Maken

      Maak onmiddellijk een afspraak om een offerte op te maken voor uw gsm factuur, Mobistar biedt flexibele pakketten voor elke sector.

      Vacatures - Uw partner in telecommunicatie - Mobistar For Business

      Wij zijn steeds op zoek naar potentiële medewerkers met sales ervaring.

    but now it looks like this

  • anonymous hacks spies of Bank of America who fail at their undercover work

    We have anchored at U.S. shores again to accept a consignment of a data package that probably belongs to our dear friends at Bank of America, though lots of contractors and subsidiaries (aka lackeys) are involved as usual.

    It is a known fact that Bank of America is paying contractors to discredit journalist and sabotage their work as well as spying on the Occupy Movement and Anonymous ever since. It was to be expected that these efforts continue and it was also expected that their security remains - at best - lousy.

    To start with, we present you about 320mb of internal reports and and emails assembled for Bank of America by a sub-contractor named TEKSystems (who in turn are a subsidiary of the Allegio Group whose founder also owns the Baltimore Ravens). These reports and emails are mostly "information" gathered on public channels on the Anonymous IRC networks irc.anonops.com and irc.voxanon.net.

    We were geniously amused by the fact that there are actually paid analysts sitting somewhere, reading the vast amount garbage that scrolls by in large public channels like #anonops and #voxanon. Even more amusing is the keyword list that was found, containing trigger words like "Jihad" or "Homosexual".

    Additionally about 6 Gigabyte of source code was looted, which is currently under assessment. We can tell so far that this software belongs to ClearForest, a company specializing on text and social network analysis. It is reasonable to assume that this code is the base system for what was used to categorize and store the acquired infoemation. We will add the complete source code once we have finshied the initial assessment.

    In the meantime, amuse yourself with the incredibly sensitive and important intelligence that BofA has gathered on Anonops and Voxanon (*smirk*). Please also note that the source has provided an accompanying release statement with the data.

    Here's a Bank of American Spying On People [Mega Teaser Copy] http://bitbin.it/nOcoKXwD
    Source: http://www.par-anoia.net/releases2013.html#bofa

    Browse all files · Full Archive (gzip,267mb) · Torrent · Release Statement · Teaser

  • oplichtingsmail voor BNP - klik niet op de link

    Geachte BNP PARIBAS FORTIS Client,

    Houd er rekening mee dat de toegang tot uw online account dreigt te verlopen. Om de toegang tot uw online account actief te houden, vragen wij u dan gelieve om zo snel mogelijk te inloggen. Gebruik de onderstaande link om verder te gaan en toegang te krijgen tot uw account. Na dat u gebruik heeft gemaakt van de onderstaande link zal er door een van onze medewerkers nog contact met u worden opgenomen om het gehele proces te voltooien. Wanneer het gehele proces gereed is zal u weer als vanouds gebruik kunnen maken van uw BNP PARIBAS FORTIS online.
    link is still active

    and what is important is that most of the links don't work because they took screenshots
    they thought you would online fill in the data

    Met toegang tot uw BNP PARIBAS FORTIS online kunt u het grootste deel van uw bankverrichtingen uitvoeren. Alles wat u nodig hebt is u aanmelden bij internet bankieren.

    Wij willen u alvast bedanken voor uw medewerking.


  • most hacked server of belgium, hacked again .... off course



    I suppose they will be back .... soon

    Thanks to

    Saw jig - Ninja Lmojrim - Maghribi 7or - Soufiane Daoudi - Nox Darkcome - Med Amine - HKD Ghoste - D'blackdemonymous


    # الله******الوطن******الملك #

    We Are Moroccan And Pround
    Remember That: We are legion - We do not Forgive - We do not Forget -We are Legion!!!
  • hacked : klimaatcoalitie.be known from sing for the planet

    www.klimaatcoalitie.be/ - Vertaal deze pagina
    We are SeCuR!TY Li0NS HaCK3RS. Expect Us. United We Stand - Divided we Fall. HacKeD By SyR!4N M43STR0. I Hack This Site to send a message from ...
    Lees meer
    ... gaven het afge... Gepost op :26/09/2012. Lees meer ...
    Sing for the Climate
    Sing for the Climate. In elke Vlaamse provincie + enkele ...
    NL | FR | EN | Contact. Naam: E-mail: Onderwerp: Uw bericht ...
    Climate Coalition
    Nieuws ... Posted :26/09/2012. Read more ... Posted :18/09 ...
    Oproep van de klimaatcoalitie
    Manifiesta. 1) Debat over groene economie (11u - 12u30). Zijn ...
    Meer resultaten van klimaatcoalitie.be »
    Lees verder - Klimaatcoalitie
    Op zaterdag 3 december laat de Klimaatcoalitie opnieuw van zich horen met een kleurrijke klimaatmanifestatie door de straten van Brussel. De Klimaatcoalitie ..

  • hacked brooklyn.be has an unsafe webshop

    they were defaced - just as a number of other sites on their shitty server


    but what is more they have an online shop

    which is not a bit more safe than their server if you look at their protection certificate that was expired two years ago and never investigated - take the money and re-invest zero in security