the 200 internetcable interception echelon spynetwork and P2P traffic

We hear every so many days that the P2P download traffic on the web is more than half, that cables and services are breaking down because of it and so on

well the first really objective numbers are now possible because there has never been such a filtering and intercepting operation on any scale every before (and it wouldn't even be legal to do it - except by extra-legal services under the umbrella of antiterrorism)

The processing centres apply a series of sophisticated computer programmes in order to filter the material through what is known as MVR – massive volume reduction. The first filter immediately rejects high-volume, low-value traffic, such as peer-to-peer downloads, which reduces the volume by about 30%.

for administrators of big networks this also shows that you can reduce your traffic with at least 30% if you block this kind of traffic (which means no upgrades of proxies, firewalls, monitors, routers, antivirus, backup, ......)

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