how to use as a mailservice even if it doesn't has a mailservice in 5 minutes

first you have to set up an account with

than make a new folder called for example 'contacts'

make under that folder subfolder with names or emailaddresses of contacts

than click right and chose share for each contact subfolder

than chose the rights and fill in the emailaddress

now write your email or text

upload it to the folder

mega will send a message and a link to the emailaddress you have specified (for example a temporary email)

"You've got data! xxxxx wishes to share a file folder with you.
To see and access it, please create your free MEGA account by clicking
on the following link: deleted

Due to our cryptographic security model, the owner of the shared folder
needs to be online during or after your registration for you to gain access.

Best regards,


the receiver has to click on the link and has to create a new account

when he did he can see the folder (and has 50GB online free space)

as long as you keep the files and text online (and use a safe computer and browser the securityproblems are limited and interception is more difficult - although never say never)

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