For Europe Belgium has still no central cybersecurity plan

on the site of the ENISA the European central organisation to coordinate all the initiatives and documents, Belgium is not present on the page with the other national cybersecurity plans of the other European countries

there are others off course, but we are the host for the European institutions (so if we would now take 10% of what we earn by their presence and put it into a 'securitybudget' than there would be enough for all the different kinds of security one would need to keep them secure (they are, but this is luck and an effective organisation but not because the funds, people and resources are planned)

off those who have a plan only three were adjusted in 2013 (can be a formality)

off those who have a plan only three others were longerterm plans (even if you could have questions about a plan that goes into 2019 when you know how fast things change in this sector)

the majority of the plans were made in 2011 which is already 2 years behind us

You could say that not having a plan is worse than giving the illusion of a plan (even if two are not in english and will for that reason have some problems being understood by the international community)

Belgium is off course not alone, there are many countries that have not yet made or sent their plan like Span, Portugal, Ireland, .......

instead of having enormous never-ending conferences and debates and giving money for reports from which we know what will be in it (because it is already in 100 other reports) we should make it an obligation for every European country to have a central cybersecurity framework that would have to be revised every year and made public - even if the EU would have bring in some money to help translations, research and informationcollection initiatives

after that step it could be formalized with miniimal requirements and quality indicators and experiences could be exchanged between countries (for example the parliaments who have to oversee those plans and their implementations)

here is the list of the other central cybersecurityplans

European Union

Austria Austrian Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

Czech Republic Cyber Security Strategy of Czech Republic for the 2011-2015 Period (2011)

 Estonia  Cyber Security Strategy (2008)

 Finland  Finland's Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

 France Information systems defence and security, France's strategy (2011)

 Germany Cyber Security Strategy for Germany (2011)

 Hungary National Cyber Security Strategy (2013)

 Lithuania Programme for the development of electronic information security (cyber security) for 2011-2019 (2011)

 Luxembourg  National strategy on cyber security (2011) - in french

 The Netherlands  The national cyber security strategy (2011)

 Poland Govermental Program for Protection of Cyberspace for the years 2011-2016 (2011) - in polish

 Romania Cyber Security Strategy in Romania (2011)

 Slovak Republic National Strategy for Information security in the Slovak Republic (2008)

 United Kingdom  Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom (2009)

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