amazon breaks the ebookscam with new program and gives an example how to offer digital versions

You want to buy a digital version and it is as expensive as the hardcover or the digital version costs more than a secondhand one (also on Amazon)

this new program will change the ebookmarket - as Amazon has changed the bookmarket  several times and nothing will be the same

imagine buying the book to read on paper and in digital version if you want to search something up or keep it as a reference

this is especially great for scientific and non-fictional books

you may like to read the paper books but on your kindle you can have a digital version and if in a debate or article you ask yourself wasn't in that book that there was proof that this is not true you can search it up in a snap

it would be great if you could do this also for films on dvd or music on vinyl (this would also kill the need for illegal downloads with most people if you could go back years to buy the digital versions instead)

"On Tuesday, the company plans to announce a new program, Kindle MatchBook, that lets its customers buy the electronic versions of books they have already purchased in print form for either $2.99, $1.99, $0.99 or free. That’s far less than the $11 or more that Amazon typically charges for standalone purchases of the latest Kindle titles.


One benefit of MatchBook is that Amazon will let its customers buy Kindle editions of books that they purchased in print as far back as 1995, the year Amazon opened for business. The discounted Kindle edition prices apply to book purchases made in the future on Amazon too.

the biggest ebookscam is still Google books - and the other ebookpublishers (because the first is blocking the downloads in Belgium and other countries and the second group are asking prices that are just ridiculous)

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