just one example why ebookprices are a scam today and how to change this

just one example out of thousands

So you could buy a hardcover for less (and resell it)

but your ebooks can't be resold and they are just digital (lose it and it is gone)

so as long as ebooks don't have the model from music (spotify) and movies (netflix) and some publishers it ain't worth the money especially because the costs of handling ebooks is far less than physical books

I love ebooks, don't misunderstand me, but they have to break out of the itunes type of pricing to set the world on fire as some visionaries have thought

the problem is that they think that if they make it too cheap that it will be distributed all over the web - but that isn't the case because the number of digital books in the p2P platforms is quite limited next to the number that are available and their downloads aren't that enormous

and every book and reader is different

* some only read online (even if reading online is different)

* some read it on paper and like to have a digital copy because they don't have the space, or because they want to resell the paper version or because they like to work on the digital copy (making notes) and not in the paper version

and that may be different for each reader, each book or each task (something you read to entertain yourself is something different than if you have to read for your work or something of which you only read a few chapters but have to able to do a search in the other chapters for specific information the moment you need it (software books for example)

some books may need digital updates while you wouldn't find it necessary to buy the new edition on paper (because only 10 out of 200 pages have been changed)

some books need their permanent updates with other information and comments from readers and specialists

and so the book is a format, a channel in the bigger question of how you want to organize information - established and the new information and will become available

but as a format it still has to have its revolution

although Amazon is changing things faster than anywone could have imagined. The only problem is that it hasn't started the ebook revolution because the publisher see Amazon as their biggest enemy and not as their biggest opportunity because if one company today is capable of integrating the ebooks and the paper versions as complementary channels of knowledge and artistic distribution integrated in the new possibilities of the biggest library ever created (the web) it is Amazon - but for that you need bigger mind at the biggest companies who are trying to hold on as long as possible to their established business practices and trying to push the ebookbusiness in it as long as possible. They forget that this was already tried by the music and filmindustry who are only now learning how to earn more money with less costs by using the digital formats and channels in an intelligent way.

there will be a day when we will subscribe to the internet and integrate in our package access to films, music, newspapers and books as much as we want (and can use because there are only 24h a day) and pay for it each month

and for those publishers and authors who only see the bad things of the digital format, imagine that all those books that you have published would become part of that library and you could again start earning money on it without printing anything - except when you have received payment for it (print on demand) than there could be millions of books out of print that would re-enter the market and naturally the public discussion and debate (without having to wait untill someone scans it and throws it on the internet because there are no copies in any library)

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