Sky is cleared, the cloud disappeared

Nirvanix a US cloud provider has filed for a chapter 11, in other words they're gone. Bad news for its customers as you can imagine. Maybe the cloud isn't that reliable as we always like to think. I would not like to be a CTO/CIO who has chosen to shift data and their applications to an IaaS/SaaS provider who runs out of business and forces you to migrate your entire infrastructure to another solution. In the case of Nirvanix it is mostly about second or third storage for a company. In other words halting replication and moving it to another storage sounds simple but this is as simple as the reliability of the connection. The short windows of transfer could raise questions if the pipes will not crack. If every customer is moving data across the lines they'll get slow and this means timeouts, reconnects etc...

Another issue is pricing, perhaps you've chosen Nirvanix due to the package/price value. Now you've 2 weeks to find a new provider, sign a contract, agree on SLA, transfer your data, test the new replication and go into production. If you manage all this in 2 weeks without loss and too much hassle you have managed well. You can now start to question why you initially required 4 or 6 weeks for the same. Though I doubt it will go that smooth and I wonder how much data is lost in transfer, more important how long will it take before you or the company find out that you've lost data and that it is not recoverable.

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