why amazon secondhand bookshop is a real crisiskiller

look at the Belgian online bookshop bol.com

just some of the books about privacy and look at the prices even secondhand (if there are any)

and go than to Amazon and take around 6 Euro for each book for transport and handling if you can wait a few weeks (which would be no problem if you buy books from time to time)

okay and let's take the price of the secondhand book

the thing is that Amazon is really working like a global webservice, it is volume that counts and getting the books in and out as fast as possible, they are not a library, the books have to be sold, not kept at a price untill they are sold at that price, stocking books is far too expensive and the faster they are sold, the more the cost of keeping those books are limited (buildings, electricity, air-conditioning and so on are all costs)

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