everybody becomes a dns operator to circumvent censorship says piratebay

after the piratebrowser the people behind piratebay have another much greater project

"in other words, when users load The Pirate Bay or any other site that joins the new platform, the site’s data will be shared among users and stored locally. The website doesn’t require a public facing portal and only needs minimal resources to “seed” the site’s files to the rest of the world.


“It’s basically a browser-like app that uses webkit to render pages, BitTorrent to download the content while storing everything locally,” the Pirate Bay insider says.


All further site updates are incremental, so people don’t end up downloading the entire site day after day. The disk space users need for the locally stored sites ranges from a few dozen megabytes for a small site, to several gigabytes for a larger torrent index.The new software will be released as a standalone application as well as Firefox and Chrome plugins.


Since the site data comes from other peers, there is no central IP-address that can be blocked by Internet providers. Site owners will still offer webseeds to speed up loading, but sites are fully accessible when these are blocked.


Another important change is that the new software will not use standard domain names. Instead, it will use its own fake DNS system that will link the site’s name to a unique and verified public key. For example, within the application bt://mysite.p2p/ will load 929548249111abadfjab29347282374.p2p.


“Site owners will be able to register their own names, which will serve as an alias for the curve25519 pub-key that will identify the site,” the Pirate Bay insider notes.“The “domain” registrations will be Bitcoin authenticated, on a first come first served basis. After a year the name will expire unless it’s re-verified.

first these alternative dns systems have been tried today but have never broken through because you have to install and update stuff and because it is totally different and even if there are a great number of people using Tor for example which you can see as an alternative internet with its own naming system, it will never have the same impact as the web. The problem with the idea is not that to circumvent censorship we should build our own networks, internets and dns systems, no we have to bring that content back into the mainstream

but the second problem with the idea - and the same problem exists with TOR and Freenet and many other initiatives like that is that stuff like childporn and outright criminality and stupidity shouldn't be allowed and should be pushed out of these alternative 'havens of liberty'. There is no liberty if there is no dignity or humanity and childporn (to take the most disgusting example) is the contrary of both.

   this problem is even more evident in this new scheme because it is illegal to have childporn or links to childporn on your own computer and if that kind of content is allowed in these kinds of sites (or uploaded just to provoke and undermine the community) than every member of its network could be prosecuted even if he or she wasn't actively involved in or responsable for this content and there is nobody who will have any sympathy if you are arrested because you have childporn on your computer or because you are part of a network that distributes that disgusting stuff

the third problem is that there will be problems if ICANN decides to attribute the domainextension p2p in the normal internet to an operator or to the police services who want to block this attempt because even if it theoretically shouldn't interfere it would make things more difficult

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