• Ukraine : State of emergency and military crackdown looming while protests spread

    It now becomes urgent for the international community to intervene and say that an intervention wouldn't be accepted.

    More killed people are fined overnight as released people who were beaten or tortured while tens of others have been detained. In several regions private fighting groups close to the government (civileans) attacked together with the riotpolice demonstrations in 4 regions.

    Roadblocks are being set up between the regions to contain containment and travelling organizers.

    Russianite organisations in Ukraine have already accepted the split of the country and call for a new independent state (probably recognized by Russia and its allies). You won't be surprised that the big Russian military port in the Crimea is part of that group.

    The strategic importance of Ukraine can't be underestimated

    russia europe pipelines

    THis is the siuation in Kiev where the red is the part of the city under opposition control


    Now look good at this latest map of the lated general confusing and changing situation in the regions

    Embedded image permalink

    and compare these with the results of the presidential elections

    and the number of Russians living in the regions

    so to create a viable Russian Ukrainan state they should at least have in hands everything that is blue now and what is orange between them. That way the russian breakaway republic of Transnistria is also linked up and becomes more viable - even if it stole a part of Moldavia. The Russian troops are about 1500 strong but more can be flown in of course.

    these are the streets of Kiev that are now firmly in the hands of the opposition

    As a military crackdown is looming and all kinds of Russian advisors are rumored to be flown in and thugs in the eastern part are now incorporated into the police as citizen guards it is not yet clear if the choice has really been made to chose a peaceful ending to this conflict.

    Ukraine is now firmly on the maps and screens of capitals in the western and Russian world and hard decisions are now on the table at both sides.

    NO MORE HUNGARY 1956 or Tiannaman

  • Ukraine : situation as of midnight today

    first two maps which show that there are nearly everywhere in the country demonstrations,

    Embedded image permalink

    this shows that even in Russian speaking regions there are demonstrations and offices that are being occupied (AFP)

    the protest movement itself makes a more colorful description

    Embedded image permalink

    the card of the opposition itself is a bit different but it shows that the football clubs who are delivering the hardcore defenders and attackers around the protests - and are used of not running away from police and getting the fight on. The millionairs oligarchs owning these clubs are said to be bewildered that these fanclubs have now proven to be so political and revolutionary because they supposed that it would make people apathic to politics.

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  • ukraine : to follow the day ahead and some reads

    the weapons you need to stop one of the best organized riot police http://rt.com/news/war-gear-ukraine-riot-084/

    these are the 13 most important tweeters for the moment in one list https://twitter.com/mailforlen/lists/ukraine

    older tweets and pics on my twitter account itself

    here are links to videos, articles and more https://www.diigo.com/list/mailforlen/international

    for streaming you have some big screens here http://ukrstream.tv/

    here are small screens to all the streams that were available yesterday http://klichko.org/stream/

    if you understand ukrainan these reporters from a local newsstation are making reports and are on the ground (now interviewing arrested people) http://24tv.ua/home/showOnline.do  if there is action that you should have a look at it because it can be that their reporters are effectively on the ground

    one person missing is found dead in the woods tied with hands and feet tied

    if you are in Ukraine, it is 'Now or Never' so get from behind that stupid screen and do something useful

    be part of history and be proud of yourself

    and if you are an European decisionmaker, make some noise and give those people the support and help they need, not in words but in acts when this is all over - or make clear to Putin that this is over - he lost (for now - look at Georgia)

    I have other activities today, but hey you are wise enough to follow for yourself, sources enough here

  • Ukraine : is this V-day after the big rally or is it tuesday with the session of parliament

    except for extra-ordinary developments we are returning to normal tomorrow because it seems that it is over except from extreme russian intervention

    must watch : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bLixCb1Nys&feature=youtu.be  police arrest patients in hospitals - the opposition has now its own underground hospitals and these policemen look so embarassed that they have to do this

    meanwhile they have left the building peacefully and that building is now in the hands of the protestors and so the both sides of the entry to the mayors building in Kiev are secured and protected by the opposition

    see how strategic the building was where 200 police officers came in through the back for an operation that didn't take place yesterday (you don't bring in 200 police officers without water and food to stay there for days).

    so it was a turning point, the night everything changed, resistance by the regime begins to seem totally futile because the endgame is one and there are - next to a Russian intervention - not many options other than to resign left. The military of Ukraine have declared that they won't intervene and this isn't a professional army so the risks of the soldiers refusing to fire on their own parents or neighbors is very high.

    there is a big demonstration in Kiev today and the negotiations were broken off - because just a dupe and nothing formal

    some regions in the firm hands of the oppositions have recalled their police troops from Kiev and in three regions the local communist and regions party (of the party) have been declared illegal because of all the violence

    a radiostation has made an impressive list of people who seem to have disappeared

    this is one of the maps, but it shows that if today the orange (assieged) turns red (taken over) there is effectively a western Ukranian 'country' and there are no counterdemonstrations or no refusal from the local police, military or justice to accept orders from the new 'governments' in place.  The last regions will be the hardest because they are the powerbase of the President and there is a huge minority or even local majority of Russians living there. In the worst case some of these eastern regions may even breakaway (think Crimea) with Putin providing protection with 'peacekeepers' like in Georgia. Crimea has the largest russian fleet base and is strategically very important and psychologically even more (to impress other countries)

    If all gets well when EC 'foreign minister' Ashton arrives in Kiev late next week she will only be able to see how to help Ukraine getting back on its feet again and how to financially help Ukraine organizing fair elections and if all goes well have a partnership with the EU, place itself under the protection of NATO and be able to resist the Russian bear who is angry but finds his hands tied while he is organizing his propaganda games with the help of the international community bearly contradicting him on issues as human rights

    but as with all the maps we have seen, the situation is very fluid here and than and so the maps can change in any direction over the weekend and the beginning of the week

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     one of the extremists :) missing since three days there are whole lists of them, some are found tortured or nearly freezed to death in woods


  • Live 2 : Ukraine government lost last card : special forces for intervention surrounded

    here you will find a lot of streams http://klichko.org/stream/

    the reporter from tomorrow - streaming with a small camera to youtube with helmet and gasmask on the ground in the middle of the action

    this reporter is on the ground between the people - sometimes  http://24tv.ua/home/showOnline.do

    the police aren't coming out of the building and more police troops are arriving around the buildings with clashes breaking out around the building

    the plan was simple - gather enough police forces to attack the yellow flash point where the fires and fights were from both sides at the same time or just bypass them (standard military tactic)

    Embedded image permalink


    as foreseen the government assembled masses of special forces to intervene - probably during the night and housed them into the Ukrainan House

    but they were discovered

    and as quick as word leaked out, the protestors stormed the buildings and the special forces are trying to sneak out and flee so a very organised action has been disturbed

    this are stun grenades - so called non-lethal - not true if shot directly at the person

    Силовики могут применить новые  спецсредства из России - Ярема

    live on streaming now - it is happening this weekend before your eyes if you take the time to look

    this is the building where the police forces are using stun grenades against the people outside it is a convention hall so you can imagine how many troops are inside

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    Live here

    Live streaming video by Ustream


  • Ukraine : they are winning and the governement is desperate and Europe is nowhere

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    streams are here http://ukrstream.tv/  they are really taking over new buildings as it is happening now - live

    if Belgian journalists and media are complaining that we are not reading their papers with old news or that their online portals are not worth to spend too much time on, than it is because if there are big events happening in real time they don't follow up and they don't keep the flame running and so when things really go on to a head, they are so much behind that they are just pityful because they are just forgetting that this is a very important battle that could set off much more battles in the year to come because many dissidents are watching closely and seeing that this is something that is working - even if there is much violence involved but a violent crackdown has been avoided so far and now it seems that the mass protests over the whole of the country is bringing the political forces and the police to the brink

    at the moment we speak even more public buildings are being taken over

    this is map as of 22H and there are maps circulating that even in the east there are protests beginning

    livestream  : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrZcAsPKK74

    Embedded image permalink

    Crimea is the Russian base so forget that one and odesa is next to Russian controlled territory of dniestr

    there are many cards and they are all different and can be fluid over the hours but it is clear that demonstrations are today taking place everywhere and that tomorrow sunday may be crucial

    this map shows what revolution is

    and since the last change here the situation as become even much better for the opposition

    several buildings in Kiev have been occupied also

    this shows a public building before a take-over and after the take-over in the strategic important Lviv

    View image on Twitter

    View image on Twitter

    there are now underground hospitals set up by the opposition because according to them tens of people have disappeared all over Kiev - also from hospitals after being taken away by police - or some kind of police

    the president has made promises but the opposition doesn't want the positions of prime minister or minister of justice, they want elections in april and new negotations with europe and no laws that limit their freedom of press and the liberation of the political prisoners and news about the people that have disappeared

    the president hoped so the divise the movement between pragmatists and radicals but that didn't work because everybody seems to understand that total victory is close and that even if negotiations go on - this is the moment to organise more take-overs all over the country and more buildings in Kiev while others are fortifying the barricades

    you smell it when victory is in the air - even at minus 25 celsius

  • Update : Ukraïne moving closer to the big confrontation as Europe does nothing

    This is Hungry 1956 all over again

    this is the map of the Current situation

    Embedded image permalink

    so if we check this with previous maps than there is one region down that still has no action and needs geographically to be 'reconquered" and it shows how fluid the situation is but the movement has  no choice but to re-inforce its hold on the local governments that are being assieged (taken over is red assieged is less red)

    some regions where the central administration was assieged yesterday were again fully under governmental control at 12.00 but it also means that the government can't use its 30.000 special troops across the country to send into Kiev for the final big push being announced by the minister of Interiori

    Remember it is between -25 celsius outside so if you don't see huge masses outside it is because it is very difficult to stay longtime outside

    this is the coldest revolution ever since the democratic revolutions started

    the papers for a state of emergency are on the table of the president and there are no negotiations in sight because the promises made are too few too late and in fact part of the country doesn't want to come under the authoritian shield of the hardliners in Moscou

    such operations are mostly done during the night or early morning but any preparations should be visible from now on

    so what will the EC do if de facto the country splits into two ? Wouldn't surprise me if Russia accepts that because it keeps the port and the industrial base in the east while not being annoyed by the westernized west where too few Russians live to have any influence even on the longer term. It wouldn't be the first eastern European country that is divided after a revolution or where parts are 'independent'.  It would make the new Iron Curtain more or less complete for the moment.

  • update 2 the situation of the Ukraine revolution now as the EU leadership does nothing


    Embedded image permalink

    it means that there are still 4 essential white spaces to have a zone

    of the yellow ones there are 2 essential yellow ones that need to go green

    Revolution is geography and momentum needs movement no stalling

    the result would be a divided Ukraine but at least half of the country would be in upheaval and not only the capital

    Embedded image permalink

    * the regional parlement of the Crimea has asked the central government to install the state of emergency. Ther is the place where the Russian Fleet is stationed. In Moldavia there are Russian troops as peacekeepers in the breakaway maffia state Tristie. But based on this card you see that at midday today the protests haven't spread much to the east. This is also necessary to hold up the 35.000 extra paratroopers that could be send in Kiev (there are for the moment a few thousand of them in Kiev so imagine an increase with an additional 35.000)

    * the movement needs urgently medical supplies and medics - maybe we need an organisation 'Medics for democracy' instead of Medicins du Monde.

    * the attention span of the news and the public in Europe is not that overwhelming even if Ukraine gets many headlines and frontpages. To keep this up they need every day clear wins and photogenic events.

    * there are negotiations to be expected but the results of the talks yesterday were disappointing and were refused after the hands-up vote by the demonstrators - the President meanwhile has promoted a hardliner as his chief Cabinet which doesn't sound well

    * the army has said that it won't intervene and the special troops in Kiev are a militia that doesn't fall under the police. There are tanks on trains moving to Kiev. It is said that protestors are being abducted and tortured  and there are also rumours about Russian operatives helping the regime. Rumours about tens of people who have disappeared although nobody is keeping a list. Maybe it is time for the Red Cross to come in ?

    * the regime wanted to call in 'hired thugs' from 'fighting clubs' that are for hire and that they normally use against dissidents and competitors but hardline hooligans (from Kiev for example) and nationalist 'brigades' have stopped them (and the militias). THis has also happened in the east where the hooligans and nationalists stopped the fighting clubs from departing to Kiev. (remember Romania en Mubarak). This would enable the regime to intervene to stop the 'civil violence'.

    * local administrations all over the country are being asieged, targeted or taken over - but that situation is fluid. In the best case the regional police and parliamentaries and governors resigned - in the worst case the police liberated the building and there is a standoff - with the weekend in sight it is clear that more regional administrations will have to be occupied - even if it is the nationalist party who is taking the lead in this. For the moment the accent is on the western part of the country while some cities and regions in the East are said to be in a fluid state.

    * there were calls for a general strike but that hasn't materialised yet and depending on events during the weekend may even not be necessary, people in the Ukraine only earn in general 300 euro's a month so going on strike is 'not cheap'.

    * EU foreign minister Ashton arrives late next week which is far too late and Poland is more than fed up and there are rumors that they are going for it alone (there is also a Solidarity video from .... Solidarity). Poland is preparing for a refugee crisis if a crackdown will come.

    * Russian military are seeing Ukraine as totally essential and call this kinds of uprising a non-military essential threat to the national security of Russia. The Olympic games make it for the moment difficult to intervene.

    * the Ministry of Agriculture is occupied in Kiev but that is because it is minus 20 outside and people need from time to time to get inside and it is not possible that those temperatures to stay in tents

    everything is momentum now, it will flow to democracy or their chances will fade away and everybody will think, nice try but next time better ..... but for most there is no choice. It is clear that if they lose and they want to keep some democratic freedom they will have to leave. The country has a population of 45 million.

    all the resources and links you will find on the posting under this one and the page it links to

    follow also my twitter account and my diigo.com account  list international

    If you are in Ukraine, get out the street and do something, reading this won't advance anything

    It is now or maybe never

    and you kids will ask you later : where were you the weekend the democratic revolution could win ?

    and you will respond : before a computerscreen

    and they will respond : like too many of you, if you would have been on the street we would still have the internet and not so many soldiers on the street and secret agents everywhere

  • live update 18 from revolution in Ukraine - the battleground between Europe and Russia between democracy and authoritian rule

    attention points

    •  there are no updates in the Belgian PRESS - this is the only permanent updated one with sources to more permanently updated source and looking at cnn.com and other international source there is no one seeing that this is more than just a fight in Kiev - this is a revolution spreading across the country which has all the possibilities to win in the coming days but off course there is Bieber

    * the US is installing sanctions against certain members of the regime, the EU says it is not considering them yet but asks the regime to retire its oppressive laws and ways of trying to maintain power

    * there is a truce for the capital but this doesn't seem to be respected in the local regions where some standoffs are quite violent

    * there is a call for a strike beginning tomorrow or saturday but this is seems for the leadership the best way to finish this thing without much more loss of life and to limit the influence of the radical vanguard during the violent standoff while a massive popular opposition gives them in fact more power and influence

    * the government promises orally to release the prisoners, to investigate the police violence and to start political negotiations if the truce is extended till saturday. Tomorrow an European delegation will arrive and will leave the country by saturday. The people in the street don't accept the trucedeal and want revolution - which has its own dynamism and moment. Seize the moment.

    we have published the rest on this page to make the loading of the blog acceptable

    We will stay in Ukraine tomorrow and focus on

    * the general strike

    * the evolution in the regions

    * the visit from officials from the EU

    If you are in Ukraine, go on to the street, computers don't change the course of history, people do so don't be a cyberactivist full of yourself thinking you are doing something .....

    oh and the internet can go down there soon as the telecom firms have been contacted by the regime

  • streaming sexual childabuse for payment investigation shows widespread use

    In addition to Operation Endeavour, three other separate investigations are currently ongoing into the live streaming of child sexual abuse, which have already identified 733 suspects: 139 of these in the UK and 594 overseas. One investigation is being led by the National Crime Agency’s CEOP (‪Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre‬) command and the other two involve UK police forces.

    The use of web cams to stream live abuse, particularly from the developing world, is a significant and emerging threat according to CEOP. Extreme poverty, the increasing availability of high speed internet and the existence of a vast and comparatively wealthy overseas customer base has led to organised crime groups exploiting children for profit.

    In a statement, Andy Baker, deputy director of the NCA’s CEOP command, said: “This investigation has identified some extremely dangerous child sexual offenders who believed paying for children to be abused to order was something they could get away with.

    "Being thousands of miles away makes no difference to their guilt. In my mind they are just as responsible for the abuse of these children as the contact abusers overseas."

    it is immediate and has nothing to do with keeping and transferring files and leaving traces

    it was something waiting to happen and that will not go away fast

  • Big Personal datacollector keeps profiles with data about even 1500 characteristics

    there are other firms you might have never heard of, such as Acxiom, Datalogix and Experian.


    Acxiom is the largest, holding half a billion profiles worldwide - and on 75 per cent of Australian adults, who are known to the company by name, Acxiom Australia acting managing director Ken Breen says. The company collects data from the public domain, surveys and ''carefully approved third parties'' to build profiles with about 170 different fields - less than the 1500 for Americans. It uses a tool called Personix to categorise individuals in segments such as Gen X Singles, Flush Families, Boomer Barons and Transition Blues.

    If you don't stop them, they will not stop or limit themselves out of themselves

    they see no wrong and say they do no wrong

    but as long as they can operate from behind out of the limelight and with as little information as possible they hope to keep out of the judicial controls and limits that could be set if people would understand how big and important and dangerous they have become

  • this isn't Science Fiction, to see the sun in China you have to look at a billboard


  • Scada webinterface IntegraXor used all over the world has lethal flaw that needs an update

    The vulnerable software in question is IntegraXor, a supervisory control and data acquisition/human-machine interface (SCADA/HMI) product developed by Malaysia-based manufacturer Ecava. The flaw is a stack buffer overflow bug that can be exploited remotely to perform a denial od service attack if certain conditions are met, or even to run malicious code on the system.

    This public disclosure of the vulnerability has prompted the ICS-CERT to issue an alert on Thursday and urge the vendor to confirm the vulnerability and identify mitigations as soon as possible.

    The company has responded almost immediately, and on Friday they confirmed that they have patched the reported vulnerability and released the fix, which is included in the latest release of the software.

  • a first: RSA security conferences boycotted because of RSA-NSA 10 million deal for access

    Renown security experts, such as F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen and Google software security engineer Chris Palmer, will be talking at the event. Hypponen and a host of others had already announced plans to boycott RSA Conference over a Reuters report that suggested the NSA had paid RSA $10 million to include flawed code in one of their random number generators.


    Others, including Jeffrey Carr, founder of security firm Taia Global, and the head of cryptology at Cambridge University, have called for a total boycott of RSA technology because of what it allegedly did with its Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generation (Dual-EC-DRBG).


    iSEC Partners, a security consulting firm, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and DEF CON have come together to set up TrustyCon, while Microsoft and CloudFlare will provide sponsorship.

    Before the RSA security conference was one of the most trusted Mecca's of security - although filled with marketing blalaalalalala

  • collecting financial data from skimming devices while driving by

    The skimming devices, placed on card readers at gas station pumps throughout the southern U.S., recorded credit and debit card data, as well as PINs, which the thieves then used to withdraw more than $2 million from ATMs. They then tried to launder the money through at least 70 different bank accounts, according to the district attorney’s office in New York County.


    Some of the skimming devices were placed on pumps at Raceway and Racetrac gas stations throughout Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina. The devices were Bluetooth enabled, so the thieves could simply download the stolen data from the skimming device without having to remove it.

    why make your life difficult

    in the future with contactless cards they card readers themselves will have bluebooth so you won't have to activate it and even probably won't be found suspicious as wireless contacts will be normal

  • NSA backdoored encryption Dual_EC used sometimes by Blackberry and a long list of products

    On Monday, the Globe and Mail reported about an encryption algorithm that, despite being shown by security researchers to have a back door that could render the encryption useless, was still officially blessed by government agencies in the U.S. and Canada to protect sensitive government information. The algorithm, called Dual_EC, was included for more than six years on the Cryptographic Module Validation Program – a joint effort by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Communications Security Establishment Canada.

    But if you look at the list of all the products that are using or supporting that backdoored encryption method than you will be surprised - even if it is sometimes deep down the system or only in a library or whatever .....


    The NIST has meanwhile said that this encryption library shouldn't be used and offered its excuses to the community more or less telling it was duped.

  • Russians are doing cyberattacks on European and American energyfirms

    Alperovitch said this is the first time the Russian government has been linked to cyber intrusions on companies.


    He said that CrowdStrike has been following the activities of this Russian group, which it dubbed "Energetic Bear," for two years. The firm believes the Russian government is behind the campaign because of technical indicators, as well as analysis of the targets chosen and the data stolen.


    "We are very confident about this," Alperovitch said. Victims include European energy companies, defense contractors, technology companies and government agencies, according to the CrowdStrike report.


    Manufacturing and construction firms in the United States, Europe and Middle East as well asU.S. healthcare providers were also cited as targets.

    without more details there is not much to be said except, off course they do, what did you expect ?

  • Not all nodes for TOR are to be trusted and some are really malicious

    To enter TOR you need to connect to an entrypoint - a node - which has been set up by volunteers and you leave TOR by an exit point or node - also set up by volunteers

    there are no controls, certificates on warnings on who sets up which node and what it does - for me a total lack of security by the TOR project aside from other problems

    two researchers have now found a number of nodes that were using different intercepting and re-directing techniques to see who you are and what you are doing (exactly the opposite of what Tor is all about)

    "a four-month study published yesterday.


    Philipp Winter and Stefan Lindskog of Karlstad University in Sweden identified 25 nodes that tampered with web traffic, stripped out encryption, or censored sites. Some of the faulty nodes likely resulted from configuration mistakes or ISP issues. But 19 of the nodes were caught using the same bogus crypto certificate to perform man-in-the-middle attacks on users, decrypting and re-encrypting traffic on the fly.


    At times the evil nodes were programmed to intercept only traffic to particular sites, like Facebook, perhaps to reduce the chances of detection.

    these are the malicious nodes

    on this page http://www.cs.kau.se/philwint/spoiled_onions/ you can also find the software to scan tornodes (anyone wanting to let it run permanently on all nodes) and a list of all bad nodes or that were doing some censorship (but that maybe to limit the judicial responsability by stopping child porn and so on)


  • as it stand NSA's global metadata spyprograms will stay after the first speech of Obama

    and if he wants to abolish it, he has no powerful partners in Congress, the NSA has them

    "Two days later, Rep. Mike Rogers, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Sen. Diane Feinstein, Democratic chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, appeared together on TV to discuss the president’s proposed reforms, and an interesting thing happened: they agreed. Asked whether the NSA metadata program would be killed, Feinstein said she couldn’t see it happening and believed that the program was necessary and appropriate.


    “I don’t believe so. The president has very clearly said he wants to keep the capability,” Feinstein said. “We would agree with him. The NSA are professionals. They are vetted and carefully supervised.”


    “The most important victory was the president standing up and saying the program didn’t have abuses,” Rogers said in the interview on Meet the Press.

    these are also the people responsable for the oversight and democratic control .... se suppose

  • post-incident analysis and response are still a joke

    Commissioned by Lancope, the Ponemon Institute research surveyed 674 IT and IT security professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom who are involved in their organization's CSIRT activities.

    Breaches remain unresolved for an entire month – While most organizations said they could identify a security incident within a matter of hours, it takes an entire month on average to work through the process of incident investigation, service restoration and verification.