#kiev more than 50.000 people on Maiden waiting for the president to leave

there is agreement over all the rest

a new majority is formed in parliament

but the President have to go

there is no question about that

European negotiators have gone back to tell him that

go to Moscow - watch the games with Putin

I think if he goes that you will enormous celebrations going on and a hell of a night

the atmosphere is different - less helmets in the public

but no mistake all the barricades are re-inforced and manned and everything needed to push back an attack are in place

police lines supporting Maidan are now between Maidan and the riotpolice

elsewhere in the city the riotpolice are leaving different scenes in buses

but don't forget to keep an eye on Crimea - whatever happens in Kiev

this will be the second big task for the negotiators - make sure that the Russians are sure that they will be able to keep their naval base for a long time (which would become much more difficult if there would have to storm out and kill protestors in the cities in Crimea right now - not happening but it shouldn't happen and if it happens that it Crimea will have to declare itself independent and Russia will have to support them in that)

bloodshed makes all the rest much more difficult

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