a paywall for Belgian magazines nobody wants

De digitale markt bracht in 2013 evenmin soelaas. Zo schaften 269 mensen een digitale Humo aan. Nochtans maakte bladmanager Lisbeth Rillaerts zich vorig jaar bij het vertrek van Van Driessche sterk dat het verlies aan printkopers de voorbije jaren "ruimschoots gecompenseerd werd met een relevant bereik via andere platformen".

De digitale versie van Story moest het wekelijks met 258 lezers stellen. Knack verkocht wekelijks 349 digitale exemplaren, P-Magazine 118.

well you would have understood the numbers, it means that only 269 people subscribed to the digital version of Humo which has now 134.000 readers

I used to read Humo during decennia but now I don't know why I should because there no more really investigative articles in it (which was the reason it became a household name attracting the best investigative journalists and the best interviewers) nor any qualitative commentary about the programs.

but it also means that those paywalls are enormous moneylosers and that it would be much cheapier to throw their enormous and very interesting archives online (and for Humo their fabuluous artistic covers) and get money by traffic and selling prints and re-use of articles.

the populair daily press is just sensational rubbish I don't care about and that has been reduced elsewhere to pennypress (one euro in fact) not worth any cent more - even not the paper it is written on

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