Free mangaservice to come online (not pirated)

Kadokawa is launching a service that the Japanese publishing house hopes will become a pillar of its digital business -- ComicWalker, a free, online, worldwide manga comic distribution service available in Japanese, Chinese and English.

     The service will start on March 22 by offering 200 titles of manga totaling 5,000 pages. It will be accessible on smartphones, tablets as well as personal computers. The Japanese lines can be switched to English or Chinese with a single command. The latest chapters will be available for free until the next chapter is published. After that, the older chapters will be available for purchase.

this means that you will have to find a way to download or screenshot the chapters you are reading every time to have your books for free

also very interesting is that you can change the language of the comics in one line - this makes it very interesting for comic publishers because once you have translated it (by a person, automatically or a mix of both) than you have unlimited possibilities

you can even rewrite old comics to make the language simpler to translate and shorter

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