we need a Belgian or European Internet Archive to do things like this

they are going to digitalize 40.0000 VHS tapes with news shows starting in 1972 that some woman taped around the clock for whatever reason.

but who do you go to in Belgium or Europe if you have such an archive - yeah the big tvstations will say that they still have their archives - which they hardly liberate - but what if you have another archive they don't have or anyone has

everybody is collecting and digitalizing in their corner and there is no real coordination,  not a one point where you can go to with whatever news or internetmaterial you may have

"A Philadelphia woman’s collection of over 40,000 VHS and Betamax tapes will live on forever thanks to a group of volunteers and digitization.

The Internet Archive is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that catalogues everything from websites to TV shows. Michael Metelits contacted the organization last fall after his mother, Marion Stokes, passed away. She left her family an incredible compilation of recorded television programs spanning almost four decades.

Stokes began her collection in 1976. Tapes are as recent as 2012; she died that December from lung disease at the age of 83. Over the 36 years, Stokes recorded anything she thought might one day be important. Her son told The Daily Dot that the two events that prompted this were the Iran Hostage Crisis and the start of CNN, the first 24-hour cable news network.

According to Fast Company, Stokes ran as many as eight recorders simultaneously and around the clock following the advent of cable news. The recording would start late at night with six-hour tapes that would be replaced when she woke up, and then switched throughout the day either by her or a family member.

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