#kiev one example of russian operatives trying to infiltrate in eastern Ukraine

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SSU detained a Russian citizen - Coordinator separatist actions in Luhansk, who tried to cross the border.

The press service of the SBU.

"5 April SBU in conjunction with the border checkpoint" Red Talovka "(Luhansk region), detained citizen of Bunny Roman Sergeyevich who tried to cross the state border of Ukraine to direct the organization and coordination of separatist actions in Lugansk," - said in a statement.

" Bunny, born 1985 , registered at a / h 13 204 , which is part of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation directly organized and coordinated the work of the territory of a subversive group that operated in Ukraine ", - marked the SBU .

" The purpose of these groups were deeply conspiratorial overthrow the constitutional order and the seizure of power , terrorist acts, inciting separatism and destabilize the situation in the eastern regions of the country ," - added to the security services.

In early March, four members of one such group , performing a special task of tacit anti- campaign in Donetsk region - a citizen of the Russian Federation Vladimir Nehriyenka citizens of Ukraine Mykola Chumachenka, Ivanov and A. Golovin SBU detained in Donetsk for organizing events to overthrow the constitutional order , the spread of anti- sentiment among the population, provoke radical action , the seizure of public buildings .

In fact the illegal activities of these persons opened criminal proceedings for the crime provided for part 3 of art . 15, § 1 of Art. 294, 263 Part 1 , Part 1 and Part 1 st.109 st.110 Criminal Code of Ukraine . All four remain in custody .

As previously reported, Nehriyenko Donetsk organized underground cells , trying to involve illegal activities spetspryznachentsiv Internal Affairs of Ukraine , provided extremists arms and explosives , coordinating these actions with Bunny .

This is evidenced by recorded telephone conversations Nehriyenka and bath , during which they discussed the details of the meeting the group " Russian tourists ' arms provocateurs disguised as protesters pro .

Security Service of Ukraine investigated the circumstances of preparation Nehriyenkom bombings in public places with a massive presence of people .

During the arrest 10 March he was in possession of explosives with electric detonators and components of the lesion.

And the day before in Ukraine tried to enter his accomplice Roman Bunny , who did not miss the Ukrainian guards .

According to available information , the second attempt to get Bunny in Ukraine related to the plans of sabotage activities in the Luhansk region , including the organization of mass shares 6 March


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