#kiev why is it important to follow this up now so closely

first if there is a cold war or even a war and it seems strongly going even more that way every day - we are living very dangerous times now - than itsecurity will have to change its attitudes and will have to take in certain environments more defensive and controlling positions as cyberattacks are just part of the total package of possibilities - as we are the old enemies again of the Russian regime

secondly war or cold war changes also things internally. The mindset changes and some people will have to start to give more attention to things internally that before wouldn't be dangerous - like contacts with Russia or the need for background checks in certain jobs and so on

thirdly if Putin goes on like this he will once go too far and we will effectively have a stand-off or period of exchanging fire and everything will change even more fast than it is now - if you haven't followed the news or this blog our world in Europe has changed dramatically over the last weeks - everything we thought we could wish for has gone in the dustbin and everything we hoped that we wouldn't need anymore is again on the table

it is in this fastly changing environment that securitypeople operate because our businesses and our institutions have to adapt

security - and also ITsecurity - will become a part of national security and not bringing your environment in order when it is not secure will become to mean the same thing as endangering our national security

this is a whole new ballgame and you better adapt before it obliges to adapt even more quickly than you have ever thought

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