#kiev why the presence of retreat of the russian troops is mostly psychological

Senior Nato officials have warned that the buildup is already having a psychological, destabilising effect, helping stoke up the turmoil in eastern Ukraine. “These masked guys would not be taking over government buildings if there were not 40,000 soldiers just across the border,” said one official.

and when they retreat untill a point in which they can't move to or over the border in less than an hour withoiut being seen than this may change the whole environment and the context

at the other side the fact that the Russian troops are so close and so massive and that it are the best troops that Russia has for invasions or special operations makes it for everybody very clear that aside from all the propaganda there are still military options that are on the table

if there weren't any military options than the troops wouldn't be there

the only question is now when does that option become a decision

and how to prevent each opportunity that would make it easier to make that decision

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