#kiev the hardest part of waging war in a social media environment

I must say that I have been trolling the last day on twitter twitter.com/mailforlen because there are too many people thinking they are reporters without respecting the basic rules of war-reporting

the most basic rule of war reporting is that you do never - under any circumstances - publish any place or name or number or description of material, soldiers, guns or operations to come

it is even so bad at the Ukranian site that even the interior minister finds it necessary to place on his facebook when operations will start - so not only does he plan all his operations in daylight (while most start under the cover of the night or the early morning) but he hardly gives them the necessary resources and intelligence to do their job as they should be done (and this is where help is needed most for Ukraine in the coming days and weeks - light helicopters, night vision, communication material that is encrypted and so on)

so we are trying to tell people to shut up and wait to post things untill the operations are finished

we can wait - we don't want to have it in real-time

we want them to win - even if it is hard to see how they can with the resources they have and the incompetent military and public order leadership and the corruption through local police, berkut and political leadership in the east

there is a solution - but I don't think they have it - there are trucks available that will block all wireless internet and GSM traffic in a certain area - except for those who are especially coded

the advantage is double - the soldiers in the buildings get their instruction and information by mobile (you can cut the landlines to these buildings) and the 'stupid or russian' reporters watching have no connection or think that it is send while it has been in reality blackholed into nowhere

if you read about the planning of offensives and information warfare (and especially electronic warfare) than this is one of the most essential things to do - cut communications (remember D-Day it started with the bombing or sabotage of communication centers so real information was hard to come by at headquarters)

off course those 'reporters' can try to walk from the scene but this why you have to cordon of the scene -  no one in and no one out (especially out) untill the operation is over and it is too late to inform the military inside the buildings that the military outside the building are with that many having that type of guns and material and so on

uncertainty and doubt are sometimes more effective than guns especially if you don't want to use them unless against the most radical elements who will never give up

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