#kiev how it feels to be in the center of a first start of new (cold) war

this is from the opposition magazine that was raided yesterday by green men

"“What we are seeing is a resurgence of the corrupt leadership of the Yanukovych government, with backing from Russia,” said Viktor I. Butko, chief editor of Zlagada, a weekly newspaper in Slovyansk whose offices were raided by pro-Russian militants on Sunday. Those who barged in, he said, included local people but also Russian military men. Rather than shut down the newspaper, it turned out that they wanted to find a way onto the roof for one of their snipers.

“A Green Man was in my office yesterday,” Mr. Butko said. “He stood right here. He was a Russian and a Russian officer and I am certain of it. I lived 66 years in this town, and I know: These men were not from my town.”

“What’s scary here is the possibility of a third world war. That’s what’s scary,” he added. “Russia doesn’t care about the opinion of the West. If it did, I would not have had a Russian paratrooper in my office yesterday.”

I like the last phrase

Russia is really doing things as if it doesn't care if war breakes out and what would happen afterwards - it is as if I am living the books about Hilter I am reading now to understand Putin - war is inevitable and war is necessary and is you care about your 'volk' you should also go to war because a volk that doesn't go to war isn't worth that name or to exist and that is why the west is so weak and all of my opponents are so weak because they don't want to fight and die for their cause or volk or country and that is why I will win because they are afraid and I am not. That is the main thing I am reading through these books - aside from all the tacticts by which he invaded Austria, Sudeten, Poland, ...... with the active help of Chambelain for which he had no respect

you know Hitler was only really afraid of Churchill because he couldn't understand that even in the dearest of moments he would never give up and not do the thing that seems so logical to him when you have nearly no tanks and are to be cut off from any food deliveries from over the ocean (well Churchill sent a telegram to Roosevelt that if the Americans didn't help and support him actively that it would be over for him and that he would have to negotiate but the Americans came through (first with food, than with military equipment and later with troops - and just for the Cynical Stalin also survived his war also (among other reasons) because the US supported them with an enormous quantity of raw materials, food and military equipment)

Resolve that is needed by your commanders, your leaders and your soldiers on the ground. There is time for negotiation and there is time to show what you are made of (after which you can negotiate their surrender)

Not sure what the outcome will be of today and if all will be over today but anyway people will die and even the question if Putin invades or not is not important anymore because he has invaded the country already (according to international law) and his invasion would only increase the scale of fighting and the number of casualties but it won't change the fundamental situation. You can't undertake these actions when you have to consider the possibility of invasion you can only undertake them if you call his bluff because whatever Putin says the whole world - even the Russian population - know that the Russian soldiers are already on the ground.

in fact he his checkmate

or not as long as the international community doesn't take the text of the international law and the proof and call him to get his troops out of there and to pay for damages and so on .....

but that is because they think he will negotiate in two days - but what is the sense of negotiations if you are fighting a war on the ground (and you only speak with one party ?) - also Kiev doesn't have to take into account these negotiations because they are not invited and if you are not invited than those negotiations do not exist for you. Just do whatever you have to do and do it like you need to do it.

this is in fact and by law a war - you don't like to call it like that (by not closing your border, mobilizing your troops and calling a state of emergency and extra-ordinary powers for the executive to be able to act swiftly) but in reality it is and the question is even by not doing all those things you are maybe sending the wrong message to Putin because he will still think that you are not up to this, you don't go all the way, you are not decisive, you are no churchill ..... yet.

Read churchill read about hitler and you know (we are back in time but in other circumstances)

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