80% of all poles feel now threatened by Russia instead of by Germany (7%)

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These are the results of a survey conducted in early April by SBOS, reports UNIAN.


80% of respondents believe that the greatest danger to their country threatened by the Russians.

In general, 47% of respondents feel threatened in Poland, 41% have the opposite opinion, and 12% - have no opinion on it.

"Now insecurity among Poles is the most since 1991 - then were recorded close to the current level of 44%," - said SBOS, noting that the number of those who feel threatened has increased dramatically in recent months.

SBOS notes a sharp increase in the number of Polish citizens who are afraid of Russia, against the reducing nubmer of those who feel threatened by Germany, which is only 7%.

For comparison, in 1990, when Poland began market transformation 88% of Poles  feared Germany


don't want to imagine what the numbers would be today

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