Brazil sets up biggest biometric evoting database in the world

"People who did not turn up for the “biometric relisting,” which ocurred in several Brazilian cities, summoning about 14 million voters, will lose their voter registration cards, their ability to enroll in public education institutions, to benefit from welfare programs or to apply for public jobs. They will not even be able to do such trivial and essential things such as opening a bank account or getting a passport. Fortunately, the government was generous enough to offer the laggards a chance to “regularize” their situation by May 7, “with no fines.” Reassuring, is it not?


The Brazilian state intends to acquire the biometric data from more than 140 million voters in order to make our next elections “secure.” For that goal, it is supposedly necessary to collect, from every person, the fingerprints from all fingers, their picture and signature. The new voter registration card is produced reflecting the newly collected information. Without this card, the state directs an economic embargo against the individual — who is no longer able to get a passport to flee from the country.

those who read this blog will know what we think of the security of the fingerprints although if it is combined with other proof it may just be an addendum

at the other side by putting such a database together it will become much easier to bypass the IDchecks with fingerprints as they are now all collected in one big database and these are only digital images that can be copied, transferred or stolen

except if your digital images of your fingerprints are stolen there is no way to replace them (as with an IDcard)

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