#kiev Am Justice Dep begins hunt for Anonymous Ukraine (info-op)

Anonymous Ukraine seems more like an info-op in which the name of Anonymous is used to in fact set up an info-op with so called emails that are set out to proof that the revolution in Ukraine was financed by western countries (Lithuania in this case). The name Anonymous was only used to get more publicity and also to distance itself from the attackers. If they would have been called patriots or russian force or whatever the credibility would have been directly limited and the story would have been disgarded. By using the name Anonymous they wanted to give the 'leaks' the appearance of the battle against dictators, censorship and the positive aspect of activism and freedom.

Although one shoiuld say that in the underground, the activist ground and Anonymous there are a lot of people who have a really paranoid view of world affairs (world government and all that stuff) and are very open to theories of CIA-Triangle-bigbusiness-whatever behind every protest or movement that doesn't fall directly in their framework. Just as at the other side lefwing uprisings are being charaterised as being manipulated by the communists, russians, chinese or whatever.

Now a website that has always been a kind of middleman in the reporting about leaks and leakers is now the object of an official investigation by the American Department of Justice who wants to collect as much information as possible so that maybe it can catch the fish if they contact this website again.

He is in fact now a victim of the online espionage and info-op war between two superpowers in which the US has decided it is time to hunt down the pro-russian hackers and leakers with every means they have at their disposal.

I feel sorry for the guys who will get in the middle of it and are no more than puppets for the dustbin afterwards for both sides in this developing online info-op war. Be careful and think twice how and what you do so that you don't end up in the middle of it.

What is strange is that they haven't undertaken any attempt to ask the hosting companies to take the files down

original posting http://www.cyberwarnews.info/2014/02/13/opindependence-confidential-e-mails-of-klitschko-leaked/

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