#snowden performances are now seen in a totally different context

nobody forced this on him  - on the contrary

but after his lame performance on the Putin Propaganda show people are startin to see his performances differently

or it is out of his free will and he really things that he should be doing these things and that only the US is setting up a 'global total surveillance net' and Russia has a fair legal process and doesn't do those things and than we can only feel very sorry for him but he is as misguided as the intellectuals who adored Stalin

or he is coerced into acting like this and has no other choice and than we have to look upon him as a prisoner who doesn't decide himself what he will do and say and just tries to survive to the best of his possibilities

in either case how can we trust him any more if he says that the KGB didn't get a copy of the enormous quantity of the files he has taken with him

the effect in the west is that the rightwing nuts out for his blood even don't have to state their dangerous slanderous statements anymore about what they would like to do with this (in their eyes) Russian spy or turncoat

they have only to state the facts and these are for the moment like this

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