#ukraine intelligence sources have more info on the staged attack yesterday

The person killed this night at the checkpoint in Sloviansk has been identified.

"The deceased is Pavlo Povelko who resided in the village of Oleksandrivka in Sloviansk rayon [district]. His relatives went around the village and collected money for his funeral. Pavlo leaves behind a wife and two small children. He drove his car at night. He was stopped at the checkpoint and shot there. His car was burned. All the residents from Pavlo’s village who talked to our source, said that Pavlo was set up and killed to stage the attack by “Right Sector” and a news story for Russian TV channels. Here’s what type of bloody news is being created for Russian television…

this information-operation group has links with different intelligence services on the ground and tries to get interesting information out to the public without operational intelligence so that manipulated events like the one yesterday are uncovered before they can be used for their strategic goal

according to their sources there was actually a plan yesterday to invade three regions in Ukraine after this event but I suppose that they thought that the Right Sector would now act stupidly by avenging their losses

it was a near-miss but we have still a long way to go


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