#ukraine 2014 Europe the year of fear (of war)

we are nearing thursday and since today the tension and the accusations have increased again (and even more re-inforcements of Russian troops at the Ukrainan border have been noticed according to some rumours or info)

the abductions of US and other journalists and activists and the tortured body of an earlier abducted elected official have placed the Ukrainan government before the following dilemma

if they don't interfere to give more security and chase the armed foreign mercenaries away (and gives back some security to the journalists, the citizens in the 'occupied cities' and gets to justice those who are responsable for the torture and abductions)

   than the Europeans will be happy but the Russians will say that the central government has lost control over the provinces where they are supporting these - in fact - terrorist tactics and will find a reason to invade this weekend or on friday (to stabilize everything with socalled spontaneous demonstrations by paid protestors during the weekend)

if they decide to act and beginning with the smaller towns and cities to retake the buildings, arrest the occupiers or disarm them and man themselves the checkpoints than the Russians have said that this violence will be seen as a reason enough to intervene (and the 40.000 specialized airborn special forces are ready in fact to do just that)

besides that you have all those declarations, provocations and totally unbelievable propaganda from the Russian channels

and we know now that Putin decided quite quickly without too much preplanning (it was all done before) when to invade Crimea

so we are going to another weekend of fear

the fear of an invasion and the local war in the Ukraine and the cold war over the continent and beyond and a decennuim that will go down the drain untill something fundamentally changes in Russia again 

it is silly, stupid, unbelievable, too mad for words and it can make me so sad but

every week(end) putin proves us that we have to plan for war, prepare for war and accept war as a possibility

maybe than the stakes will become too high for a war and we can live in peace again (I hope)

without the fear for war every weekend and thinking every morning, do I wake up

in a continent with a difficult peace at its borders or do we have incidents or wars at our borders

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