#ukraine hostages of Russian occupiers threatened with death if Ukranian forces advance

it is as if the waiting game is paying off because

* there is for the moment no immediate reason or provocation or staged incident that gives the Russians the ultimate reason to begin a full or partial invasion (but we haven't passed the weekend)

* the real character and tactics of the the occupiers is becoming every day clearer to the outside world (even if they still call them 'militants') but the abduction of journalists and representatives and now this threat to kill the hostages if the army advances on them is so gross that it really identifies as terrorists

* the people in the occupied cities themselves are becoming wary of those heavily armed goons walking around, arresting and threatening people

* in the two cities there is a lack of food and services

* as the police has been disbanded the occupiers are looting stores and there is a general feeling of lawnesless

* there are racial incidents with anti-semite posters, flyers and demonstrations and even an anti-semite 'prorussian' tvchannel aside the attacks on the Roma living in these cities

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