#privacy US based companies have to respond to US warrants, where-ever in the world the data is

US Magistrate Judge James Frances in New York decided that Internet service providers such Google or Microsoft must turn over any customer information demanded by the government, along with any emails stored in data centers outside the United States.

The reasoning behind this decision is that it would just take too long for US agencies to coordinate efforts with foreign governments to obtain the desired data, which would burden the government substantially. “Law enforcement efforts would be seriously impeded,” the judge said.

The only way for Microsoft and others to bypass this new extension of national law to the international sphere is to split the datawarehousing section of the company from the rest and give them a local 'shelter'. Then they would have a 'partnership' in which the local firm is providing services just as any other local firm would do. THis would in fact be very complicated but at the other side it would make it easier for those firms to market local services to local firms without having to watch the US watching with them over their shoulder.

At the other side if you talk to people from the Belgian cyberpolice or the Belgian justice department it would already be an enormous advancement if this kind of automatic cooperation would be possible on the European level because now it can take weeks, months or years before one can receive the necessary information from european partners which in cybertime is like centuries

this is why it is for Belgian companies and institutions better to house their data in Belgium with a secure company (which is not the case with every Belgian company offering these services as we have seen the last weeks)

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