#ukraine Anonymous is in Ukraine only a megaphone for Russia Today

there was a splintergroup that attacked some Russian targets and leaked some data (but not all of it)

there was also a prorussian info-op calling themselves Anonymous Ukraine without any protestations from Anonymous Headquarters and leaking socalled intercepted telephone conversations and emails of diplomatic and other decisionmakers and re-arranged them only to try to present it in the best possible propaganda way as it is all a conspiracy of the CIA against their good Russian friends

so no Anonymous is in this conflict not taking the sides of those who fight for freedom and justice and transparancy but is mostly just repeating the propaganda from Russia today and presenting the thugs and armed green men as antigovernment protestors, militants and so on

their anti americanism has blinded their general principles of freedom of speech, of the press and of organisation which you even under the worst cases have a 1000 times more in the US than in Russia or China.

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