Ukraine : it is not about local rights in Eastern Ukr it is about the enormous Gaz fields

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"Journalists conducted their own investigation of so-called secrets " Yuzovsky project," who are reluctant to discuss in Ukraine itself , because it hides the great resources that can change the world's energy map .

Circumstances indicate that the Donbas there is no struggle for humanism , for federalization defense Russian-speaking population , and Slavic patriots against mythical Banderivtsy and metropolitan junta. It all made-up images that have created in Kremlin offices and invested in ordinary Shakhtar head to hide the true purpose of the special operation in Russia.

Read takzheUkraina will abandon Russian gas - PoroshenkoTak in town Slovyansk no important enterprise , nor mine , nor military units or research institutes. However, it is located in the heart of the territory " Yuzovsky project " , where the focus of the deposits of the modern energy resource of the 21st century - tight sands gas , the so-called shale gas. Giant field covers part of the territory of Donetsk to Kharkiv regions .Experts note that the gas reserves in the land could fundamentally change the energy not only in Ukraine , but also in Europe .

" According to the latest confirmed data , Americans now give it 3.6 trillion cubic meters , which they clearly see how their produce . This is a significant volume , high volume, because if Ukraine will increase production by 15-20 billion cubic meters , it is already an exporter will "- said General Director of research Center of Energy Alexander Kharchenko .takzheMID UK : EU discusses reduction of energy dependence RossiiTsentralnaya authorities are engaged in this project and chooses his words very carefully about its prospects. However, even with such high future restraint noticeable benefit Ukraine.

" Inventories quite significant . Some of the largest in Europe. According to those estimates , that is, we can increase by 30-40% and own gas production . If it is 20 billion , and that's figure out somewhere to increase to 10 billion " - energy Minister Yuriy Prodan .

Agreement on the development of gas fields signed Viktor Yanukovych , and the whole line activity has closed over his Energy Minister Eduard Stawicki . Former president and his entourage wanted to get illegal profits from alternative gas . They would be billions . Therefore, none of the professionals involved in ministry now does not want to comment. Silence holds and production company .

In the case of the Slavic field - a Dutch company " Shell " . On journalistic inquiry companies responded formally , but did not hide the fact that in the near future , the corporation will invest up to $ 200 million at the beginning of work on the gas deposits . First will drill 15 wells .

" The first small volumes of gas may be produced in the next year . But it will be millions . But industrial, large-scale production , in billions , which will immediately feel the market will be more likely for 4-5 years " - said the expert , president of the Kyiv International Energy Club Alexander Todiichuk .

And they were afraid that the Russian gas monopoly , said the publication . Shale gas is planned to produce not only in the East but in the West - in the Lviv region . Because of this , Ukraine is rapidly get rid of the gas stranglehold Kremlin because it is the fourth in Europe for its deposits .

takzheUkraina and the EU should unite against Russia in the gas market - Kanivets " It is very well aware of " Gazprom ". A long time ago ," Gazprom " company is focused on what to do to kill the topic of shale gas in Europe. At that invested tens of millions of dollars. In information campaigns in the struggle for land . They know about the enemy , ready to kill him and kill . and very successfully do it , "- said Melanie .

"The struggle for these areas ... in the end and for the market , which can be lost, including the gas market " , - says Todiichuk .Moscow media have repeatedly hinted that revenues from gas companies get directly Vladimir Putin and his entourage . Thus, rejection of the Ukrainian part of the Donbass has direct relevance to the largest pockets of Russia , not the Slavic unity ."

my own comment : if some thought that the US invasion in Iraq was all about oil well than you can say that the Russian interference has everything to do with gas - but those who say these things normally don't think logically, they don't use the same universal arguments everywhere the same way

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