#ukraine the strange way Ukraine some police 'works' in the East

Imagine that you are a police chief in Kiev or a minister or just a citizen of Ukraine and surely of that city and some people take over a police station with machine guns and rocket launchers and than the police - your neutral gardian releases this press report

"At 11:07 (8:07 GMT) however, the press office of the Donetsk Police force announced that the police station in Kostiantynivka was "operating normally".


Ukrainska Pravda reports that, while 30 unidentified gunmen had arrived and entered the building at 6:00 local time, the police press office had said that no one had been hurt and that no shots had been fired. According to the police, several of the intruders remain in the building negotiating with the local police chief while the rest are now outside."

so who is in charge

who-ever arrives with machineguns and rocket launchers ?

looks more like the far far west in the worst of times

than you would imagine that special troops would arrive to unset the police station and to arrest the anonymous intruders (euh non) because there is anti-terrorist operation going on (where ? when ? what ?)

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