you should never use Internet Explorer 6 and surely not on XP (attacks ongoing and NO FIX)

We have said time and time again that you should never use or allow the use of Internet Explorer 6 on your computer or network because it is just too big a risk for whatever you do with it and your computer (and there is no antivirus that can protect you when you use Internet Explorer 6)

If you still use XP you should use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and just leave it totally unused for whatever reason.

You don't have a choice - there will be NO FIX for this vulnerability

In fact the same question now goes for website-owners and webservice operators. Do you still let people use your webservice with an IE6 know that the machine can be owned totally (even if you find an antivirus on th emachine). It means that there is a possibility that all the data and logins that are being transferred between the machine and your (for example financial) webservice can be intercepted and send to another operator of a crimedata webserver who may sell or use this data for other means.


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